Media fails on facts

Ira Hansen is a Sparks Tribune columnist and a radio talk show host on KKOH-AM.

Cops are bigots! Too many minorities are on death row! Hate crimes are everywhere!

Like Pavlov’s dogs, America’s liberals respond with preconditioned chants the media regards as answers. Missing from the sing-along songs of the left are key ingredients to finding the truth: evidence and facts.

Take “hate crimes.” When teenage punks robbed and assaulted two men at a mosque, the crime was immediately called a hate crime. How did they know? Simple. The two crooks were white; their victims, minorities. Plug those facts into the liberal cookie cutter answer machine and presto! White crook plus minority victim equals hate crime. Of course, now we know this was a random act of violence. The motive was robbery, not race.

Compare: In Wichita, Kansas, two brothers went on a seven-day crime spree involving eight victims, including five they murdered in cold blood. They raped two women and shot them, as well as three men, execution-style. The two criminals were black. The victims were white. Plug this into the answer machine and what do you get?

Nationally, the story was buried. To ensure no one learned the facts, the judge ordered the records sealed, making it impossible to see if the brothers made racial remarks or not. The D.A. dismissed the “hate crime” motive: “The fact that the defendants and the victims happen to be of different races has no bearing.”

Tell me, if the races were reversed in this case, do you believe it would then “have no bearing?”

But what are the facts? When it comes to “hate crimes,” it may surprise you. According to the FBI, blacks are at least 1.5 percent more frequently arrested for committing crimes against other races.

Does this prove a bias by law enforcement? Hardly. Keep digging. Here are some numbers compiled by the FBI for 1995. Arrests for murder nationwide: Whites—7,705; blacks—10,420. Forcible rape: Whites—16,683; blacks—12,419. Keep in mind that blacks make up only about 12 percent of the population. The same disproportionate ratios hold true for assaults, burglary, fraud, weapons possession, etc.

When it comes to death row, men are grossly over-represented, another liberal “proof” of “sexism.” But never do you hear a whimper about this “gender inequity.” Why? Simple. Men commit most of the crimes, and hence are most of the convicts. Same exact reasoning applies to “disproportionate” numbers of minorities. They are there because they committed the crimes. Period.

It’s true there is a bias when it comes to applying the death penalty. Rich people, such as O.J. Simpson, can beat the system. But the injustice lies not with the criminals on death row, who are getting exactly what they deserve.

When it comes to fairness and the law, learn the facts before you jump to conclusions. If anything, the liberal media, in tandem with the justice system, as evidenced by how "hate" crimes are handled, seek to cover up for minorities rather than persecute them.