MC Hawking’s Crib

Stephen Hawking is widely known as an astrophysicist and scientist. But few know of his talents as a lyrical terrorist. Despite his fame in the scientific world, the rapping talent of MC Hawking has escaped the radar of pop culture—until now. With about 10 years of his brand of scientific-rap behind him, MC Hawking is ready to bust out his lyrical mayhem on an unsuspecting world at MC Hawking’s Crib. Included at this parody Web site are samples from MC Hawking’s albums, including "e=MC Hawking" and "A Brief History of Rhyme," including his take on Naughty By Nature’s "OPP." MC Hawking weaves his computerized voice in and out of phat beats on "Entropy" with rhymes like, "Order from disorder is a scientific rarity, allow me to explain with a little bit more clarity." Be sure to check out the "Picturez" section, including photos of Hawking’s early days as a DJ.