Martinez deposed in safety case

A trial date in four months has been set in a lawsuit against Washoe schools superintendent Pedro Martinez.

The suit by Elkhorn Consulting names Martinez and the school district as defendants for interfering with contract rights. It will be heard in Nevada District Judge Connie Steinheimer's courtroom unless a motion for summary dismissal succeeds. One such motion has already been denied.

Elkhorn's suit claims that in the midst of contracted school safety projects, Martinez directed several contractors on the project to “immediately cease their contractual relationship” with Elkhorn. The suit says Martinez knew contracts were in place and that his action was “intended to do harm” to the company and did cost immediate losses of $100,000 and possible forthcoming business.

Martinez and school district capital projects director Mark Stanton were deposed in the case on Sept. 16.

Elkhorn originally received contracts for work at all Washoe middle schools, plus Lemmon Valley, Mt. Rose, Booth, Corbett, Elmcrest and Hunter Lake elementary schools.