Man of Steel

Rated 2.0

Director Zack Snyder and co-producer Christopher Nolan reboot Superman, and the result is a little disappointing. Henry Cavill puts on the tights—minus the red underwear—and does little else, giving us the dullest Superman to date. The whole endeavor is an effort to take Superman to darker Batman-like territories, and that's a big mistake. Superman can be in a dark flick, but he must rise above the darkness, not whine about his mom all of the time. There's a lot of whiz-bang in this film, and some of it is impressive, but lots of it is just noise and things smacking into one another. Michael Shannon provides a terrific villain in Zod, while Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner do well as Superman's two dads. I just couldn't get into the depiction of Superman as a joyless, humorless stud. As for Amy Adams as Lois Lane, she isn't given much of anything to do. This is going to make tons of money, and Snyder is lined up for a sequel already. I hope he gets it right the next time.