Rated 2.0

This one certainly boasts a promising premise: A father (Arnold Schwarzenegger) keeps authorities at bay as he deals with the slow death of his daughter (Abigail Breslin) who is becoming a cannibal zombie. Unfortunately, director Henry Hobson takes this premise and soft pedals it, making the movie less a horror film than it is a disease-of-the-week family drama. While the leads do some decent work, there's little in this movie that surprises or, more importantly, scares. I got the sense that the folks putting this movie together went in with one idea, and perhaps wound up with something completely different. It's PG-13, and there are scenes that play as if they were re-edited to attain that rating. Schwarzenegger can't really catch a break since coming out of semi-retirement, even though he's putting in some of his best performances. Breslin did zombies much better with Zombieland. Joely Richardson plays the mom role as if she has no idea what kind of movie she is in. Hobson's movie was highly anticipated by genre and Arnie fans, and it's a bit of a letdown. (Available for rent on, iTunes and On Demand during a limited theatrical release.)