Madea’s Big Happy Family

Rated 1.0

Schlock-meister Tyler Perry’s latest is yet another shrill morality piece that isn’t even good enough for low-rent television sitcoms, yet this garbage keeps hauling the cash in. Madea’s niece Shirley (an appallingly bad Loretta Devine) has cancer, so Madea (Perry) must try to gather the family together to break the news. That family consists of Isaiah Mustafa (the Old Spice guy), Bow Wow, Cassi Davis and more, stinking up the place with severe overacting. The movie’s most amusing moments come when Perry’s Madea terrorizes a fast food joint or slaps some kids around. When Perry sets his sights on actual drama and emotional matters, he just sucks the big one. In the end, this stuff isn’t good on any level and embarrasses all who are involved. Perry puts a bunch of gospel music and Jesus talk in his movies, but that doesn’t keep them from being nothing more than just satanic horseshit.