Mad about global warming

The magazine where Alfred E. Neuman seems to look more and more like President Bush (or is it the other way around?) recruited Pulitzer-Prize winning political cartoonists for a special “expose” in this month’s issue.

Through the parodistic lens for which Mad magazine is famous, the two-page spread by 10 respected cartoonists seeks to explain “Why George W. Bush Is in Favor of Global Warming.”

According to the New York Times, the political cartoonists’ work was based on ideas Mad magazine writer Jacob Lambert thought of as to why global warming might benefit Bush.

These include: It’ll be easier for Republicans to win future elections if New York, Boston and San Francisco are swallowed by the sea (from cartoonist Jack Higgins); future generations won’t remember his presidential errors because there’ll be no future generations (from Clay Bennett); and the war in Iraq would be “solved” as Iraq would disappear from the Earth in a global meltdown (from Matt Davies). Some of them can be seen at 2008/02/03/business/0204-MAD_index.html.