Lucky You

Rated 1.0

Trying to capitalize on the poker tournament craze that started a couple of years ago, this is a movie that makes card playing duller than a round of Old Maid with your least favorite aunt. Eric Bana plays a career gambler who is trying to buy a seat in the World Poker Championship. His arch nemesis is, of course, his dad (Robert Duvall), a champion card player who constantly breaks his son’s balls. It all leads to a final confrontation in the big show, where Duvall and Bana keep airing out their family issues during the match, with millions of dollars at stake. The card stuff is almost bearable, but then there’s the whole subplot starring Drew Barrymore as a lounge singer. Bana and Barrymore have zero screen chemistry, and Barrymore is a lousy singer, so nobody wins. Totally lacking in excitement and humor and just about as dull as can be.