Loyalton ungovernment

The Loyalton town government is at standstill as a result of a resignation from the town governing board. Loyalton is in California near the border with Nevada.

On April 17, board member Nancy Rogers resigned. Until then, the five-member board had three members. Now it has two, which does not provide a quorum. Lawyers are examining the laws under which the board operates to try to find a way for it to function. The Sierra County Supervisors held a public meeting with Loyalton residents on April 20 at which a county attorney reported on legal research suggesting the two members could appoint a third and the three could then call an election.

The Mountain Messenger in Downieville, which covers news of Loyalton and other small Sierra towns, seems to be promoting disincorporation of Loyalton, which would put the Sierra County Supervisors in charge of governing the little timber town.