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Perennial winner: Best hotel for a romantic getaway

Adventure Inn and Wedding Chapel

Adventure Inn and Wedding Chapel

Photo By David Robert

Adventure Inn and Wedding Chapel
3575 S. Virginia St.

Out-of-towners looking for a romantic Reno getaway with a little quirky flair can’t miss with the Adventure Inn, but who would have thought the locals would love it so much as well? The popularity of this establishment probably has as much to do with the great locals’ special—only $59 per room or $69 per suite Sunday through Thursday—as with the inventiveness of its accommodations.

The Adventure Inn offers a themed room or suite for every taste, with heart-shaped beds and whirlpool spas to boot. For a special treat, you can order flowers, fruit baskets and delectable beverages from the front desk. Those with a little extra cash to flash can delve into the world of “Super Suites,” with decorating themes that will take you from the magic of “Arabian Nights” to the beauty of the Amazon rainforest.

Office assistant Brandon Thibodeau says the most popular suite is the Super Ocean Suite, complete with a 10-foot pool/whirlpool and a waterfall. The Super Space Suite is a close runner-up, with an 18-foot pool and futuristic decor.

“We book full every weekend,” Thibodeau says.

But the Adventure Inn isn’t just about the honeymoon—you can get married there, too. There are two chapels, seating up to 100 people, and an official is on-call 24 hours a day to perform your ceremony.

“You can walk in and get married in the next half an hour,” Thibodeau says.

If that’s not the spirit of Reno, I don’t know what is.