Longer campaigns planned

Under a GOP bill making its way through the Nevada Legislature, Nevada primary elections would be held in February.

State Republicans have long disliked the early Nevada presidential caucuses because of their identification with Harry Reid, who was instrumental in getting Nevada the early slot. The GOP bill, Senate Bill 421, would allow Democrats to continue having caucuses but would give Republicans a primary—though they would still have to hold caucuses (called precinct meetings in Nevada) to select nominating convention delegates.

To save money, the state primary for local and state offices would be held on the same day in February as the presidential primary—and result in a very long election campaign. A similar measure passed by the 1953 legislature at the initiative of Democrats and first used in the non-presidential year of 1954 was so unpopular because of the long campaign that it was repealed in 1955 without ever being used for presidential purposes.