Lone wolves strike again

On June 8, Jerad and Amanda Miller entered a Las Vegas pizza parlor. Amanda, 22, walked up behind 31 year old Las Vegas Metro Police Officer Igor Saldo and shot him in the back of the head, killing him instantly. Officer Alyn Beck, 41, was also shot by the couple and died later in surgery. The Millers then walked into a nearby Walmart and told everyone to leave. Joseph Robert Wilcox, 31, a concealed-carry permit holder, tried to sneak up on Jerad but apparently lost sight of Amanda, who shot him dead. More police arrived and in the ensuing gun battle Jerad, 31, was shot by police and Amanda then shot herself as he lay dying.

Early reports say that the couple shouted something about “the revolution starts here.” They had their duffel bag wrapped in a Gadsden flag, the “Don’t Tread on Me” coiled snake flag that was flown during the American Revolution and is often flown at Tea Party events.

Then later, other narratives came forth. Jerad voted for Obama in 2008, and his conservative father was not happy. But the most significant thing in his record are two felony pot busts. Jerad’s rants blame these convictions for selling marijuana for his radicalization. Perhaps due to his conservative father’s disapproval of his vote for Obama, Jerad turned to the right, especially right wing conspiracy radio, for his inspiration. After a while his conversations were “rambling” and the neighbors thought the couple was “weird.”

The Millers tried to join the militia at the Bundy Ranch, but after a couple of days they were given some money and asked to leave. Jerad blames his felony record again and the militia confirmed they were wary of his criminal record. They likely thought Jerad seemed unstable.

Obviously the Millers’ act was not going to incite an armed revolution. They were delusional and irrational. They killed and died senselessly. Police confirmed they were “lone wolves” with no ties to any organization.

On the Jon Ralston Reports show of June 12, Progress Now Action executive director Annette Magnus declared to the skeptical host that some kind of gun control action was needed if only “it would save even one life.”

What progressives overlook is that the possession of a firearm is now a recognized right, not a mere privilege. The courts will apply extra scrutiny to any law that deprives a law abiding citizen of his rights. Guns are used far more often to prevent crime and protect lives and property than to murder innocents.

If a felon like Jerad can obtain weapons, what good did any background check do? Outlaws will always get guns. Jerad may have been a sympathetic outlaw due to his conviction for a victimless crime, but he lost all sympathy when he decided to randomly kill police officers.

Being radical does not equate with being violent. Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King were radicals. Our founders were radicals for establishing a republic based on limited government.

Involuntary mental health commitments, more background checks and other anti-liberty proposals will prevent people from exercising their right to self protection. Government databases are notoriously error prone and many innocent people will be deprived of their rights due to data errors alone.

Here is an idea: Why not recognize the violence that lies with the state? Jerad Wilson and his star-crossed wife Amanda’s tragedy began with the government’s violence against them for selling plants to people who wanted to buy them. Instead of gun control, let’s talk about more government control. If it would save even one life!