Local personalities

Editors’ Choice

Darlene Jespersen

Darlene Jespersen

Photo By David Robert

Local agency that’s best at generating flapdoodle

Reno City Council
490 S. Center St., 334-2001

First, you need to know the official definition of flapdoodle: (noun), a nonsensical decision by the government that makes fools of the citizenry and can result in money being funneled to political cronies. We asked Reno government agency watchdog Sam Dehne for his opinion on this one. He said it was a 10-way tie among many local agencies. So we called it for him and chose the Reno City Council, citing ReTrac, the Mapes and downtown redevelopment in general as proof.

Best rep for disorganized religion

Illustration By Kamela Eaton

Scott Parker, Sparks Christian Fellowship
510 Greenbrae Drive, Sparks, 331-2303

Sometimes you find yourself looking for meaning in the roving randomness of daily life. This search is more fun if you end up with some other freethinking people who will look along with you. Scott Parker at Sparks Christian Fellowship is one of these people. He seems to want to deconstruct the kinds of religious and political traditions that have given faith a bad name over the years. Example? Instead of asking for money on Christmas Eve, the church offers baskets of cash to those in need—no questions asked. And no one tells you who to vote for.

Best spokesperson for working women

Darlene Jespersen, Alliance for Workers’ Rights
1101 Riverside Drive, 333-0203

She’s our hero. When veteran Harrah’s bartender Darlene Jespersen was fired more than a year ago for refusing to wear makeup, she took a stand for women everywhere. In the past year, her story’s been featured in national newspapers and television shows. She’s also been one of the key figures in the Alliance for Workers’ Rights’ Kiss My Foot campaign—a protest of casino policies that require women, especially cocktail waitresses, to wear high heels that may causing lasting damage to their feet.

Best panhandling cardboard sign writer

McCarran Boulevard & Interstate 80

Your name is unknown. And when we looked for you, we couldn’t find you. But you stood at McCarran and Interstate 80 with the "Have a Great Day" sign. Good sign. Much better than, "Why lie? I need a beer," though that was cute the first time we saw it. Still, we prefer your good-natured wish for a great day to all of us driving past in our many, many cars.