Local dad admits even he’s kinda sick of Fox News

April Fools! The stories in this week’s feature package contain satire, exaggeration and outright misinformation … or do they?

Retired father of two Ted Durby was overheard last Sunday admitting to his adult children over brunch at Shenanigan’s Olde English Pub that even he is “kind of sick of Fox News.”

Sources familiar with the Durby family’s brunch conversation claim the elder Durby fondly recalled when Fox News host Sean Hannity made salient points.

“Back in ’07 when Hannity exposed Halloween for the liberal holiday it is—that’s when the network was at its peak,” he said. “The good old days were when Hannity called liberals out for teaching their kids to knock on other people’s doors looking for handouts.”

Durby also opined the days when Fox hosts like Glenn Beck called out Obama for being a “guy who has a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”

“Or how about the time Hannity called Obama out for putting that fancy Dijon mustard on his burger?” Durby asked. “But now they can’t focus on the important issues. They’ve lost touch.”

When Durby’s children reportedly asked their father to explain, sources say it became clear that Fox News’ increasing attacks on children’s pop culture in recent years is behind his increasing frustration with the television news network, which has criticized such movies as Disney’s Frozen for threatening masculinity, and the television show SpongeBob SquarePants for pushing a global warming agenda.

“Now, when they said The Lorax is selling green energy policies, they went too far,” Durby allegedly said. “I love that movie.”