Living With Yourself

Rated 4.0

In this latest Netflix series, Miles (Paul Rudd), a bored-out-of-his-mind advertising executive, takes a cue from a chirpy coworker and stops by a spa for some sort of rejuvenation clinic. That night, when he returns home, he’s much peppier with a sunny outlook. Only problem is, the peppy, sunnier Miles is a clone, and the original version of Miles is still running around. Creator Timothy Greenberg and directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris deliver a fun, twisted eight-episode season that feels like a long movie, and Rudd gets a chance to show off both his dramatic and comedic chops. The chance to take a character and play two versions of him at the same time is a challenge that the actor is more than up to, and the results are thoroughly entertaining. Also terrific is Aisling Bea, as wife Kate, who has herself a real dilemma on her hands when she finds out her husband’s predicament. What do you do when your marriage has gone sour and a rejuvenated, charming version of your spouse shows up to party? This is being called a series, but it’s hard to imagine they’ll do more because this ends on such a perfect note. Still, if they choose to continue, with Rudd and Bea on board, worse things could happen. (Streaming on Netflix.)