Liver Scars

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Meet The Liver Scars comes with a glossy comic book depicting an adventurous night in the life of a hard-drinking rock ’n’ roll band. It’s a fun storybook read-along with the record.

The Liver Scars started as an outlet for a bunch of Reno musicians, including vocalist Felix Polanski of Pinky Polanski, Garrett Donovan and Todd Imus of The Firebombing, local radio personality Ron Way, and member of too-many-bands-to-list Nick Ramirez, to drink and play cover songs by The Damned, the Ramones and The Dead Boys.

The eight songs on Meet the Liver Scars are originals that fit right in with those old-school American punk tunes. It’s high-volume, high-energy music with a Jameson flavor. In fact, though the comic book is nice, it might have been more appropriate if the album had come packaged with a bottle of whiskey.