Little Monsters

Rated 2.0

What starts off as a very funny movie about a loser musician (Alexander England) in Australia goes south fast when it switches to horror after a zombie attack. England is very funny as Dave, who is having relationship problems and winds up living with his sister Tess (Kat Stewart) and nephew, Felix (Diesel La Torraca). The rapport between these three characters is actually really good, but then the action switches to a field trip Felix and Dave go on, one that is quickly besieged by zombies. Lupita Nyong’o is on hand as a music teacher chaperoning the kids as they face the zombie apocalypse, and she does all she can do to make the proceedings interesting. Josh Gad costars as a children’s show host taping an episode on the field trip, and his character is an annoying waste of time. Writer-director Abe Forsythe proves adept at filming straight comedy, but he’s completely lost when it comes to putting worthy zombie mayhem to film. It’s too bad, because England and Nyong’o are quite good together. Maybe they’ll get a chance to share the screen again in a better movie. (Streaming on Hulu.)