Little Man

Rated 2.0

The latest from the Wayans brothers (director Keenen Ivory, and actors Shawn and Marlon ) is a one-joke movie that gets tired fast. Marlon Wayans (his face superimposed on a smallish actor) plays a midget jewel thief who masquerades as a baby in an effort to recover a huge diamond he stashed in somebody’s purse. The visual joke, requiring Wayans to act with his face, is truly funny for about 30 minutes. Once the shock of the visual wears off, the film is left to get by on its script, and it isn’t a good one. Poo, piss and sex jokes abound, and while some of them get a giggle, most of them bomb. The best joke in the film involves a nasty release after mass consumption of castor oil, so that tells you where this movie is coming from. It’s a shame, because Marlon Wayans does some good work that goes wasted.