Lineup of losers oppose Obama

I can’t help but notice that the same bunch of characters that are talking about the doom and the horror and the nightmare of Obama’s nuke deal with the Iranians are the same guys who are generally wrong about everything. You know these sourass dickheads—John Bolton, Bill Kristol, and Lindsey Graham, leading the howls. At least nobody asks Sarah Palin anything anymore. Why does anybody at all listen to these people? Why does anybody ask them their opinions? If they played baseball, they’d be batting .074.

I look at the Obama deal strictly in terms of time, which is its main strength. This deal buys us time. Instead of having to incinerate the Iranians in a year or two, we can put off their incineration for approximately 10 years. Cool! Put me down for the procrastination of Iranian Incineration. I think that's a great plan, and I'm all for it, Mr. President. Because really, who the hell knows what things are gonna be like in 10 years? There is even a slim chance that the old shithead ayatollahs who are so hung up on being stern crabby fundamentalist Death-to-Israel fuckwipes will be worm food by then, and replaced by mellow mullahs who will actually comply with all nuclear rules and restrictions. You know, modern mullahs who are as hip as Pope Francis. It could happen!

So when are the Brits, French, Russians and Chinese gonna step up and have Obama's back? And would somebody please give John McCain one of those COEXIST bumper stickers?

I have to bust the liberal media for its disengenuousness toward the Donald. I mean, LibMed spends the last few years crowing about the disaster that's the American political system, but then, as soon as the inevitable mutation made possible by said radioactive system, namely Trumpzilla, shows up, LibMed spazzes into this worrywart tizzy about when a “proper” candidate will emerge to restore a sense of political normalcy and national ennui. Come on, Libs, enjoy the Carnival, fercrissakes. What so many lib pundits aren't acknowledging right now is that the mutation itself is what's generating the poll numbers. On that level, it's pretty goddamn terrific.

Some reasons I find Trump refreshing/entertaining. (1) He makes me laugh. Simple. He can make me laugh out loud. Especially when he's roasting some other candidate. When was the last time a GOP prez candidate made me laugh? It's been a while. Bob Dole sure didn't. (2) Trump just told Roger Ailes and Megyn Kelly to piss up a rope. Are you shitting me? The Republican front runner, of all people, tells Fux News to buzz off? Love it! (3) He's not embarrassed in the slightest to be wealthy. I love this, too. I am so sick of wealthy people and their searingly phony “Well, gee, I'm so embarrassed, so falsely modest, to be stinking rich” act. Oh shut up. Good for Donald being a rich pig and flaunting it. Delightfully charming insufferability!