Like a virgin

Randy Breckenridge


It’s not often a corporate entity comes to town and actually generates buzz: P.F. Chang’s, In-n-Out Burger, and Krispy Kreme leap to mind. The opening of two Staples stores in this virgin market has actually got people talking. Randy Breckenridge is general manager of the Staples that recently opened at Shopper’s Square, 355 E. Plumb Lane. A second store will open at 10350 N. McCarran Blvd.

When did the store open?

We opened Saturday the 4th.

And how has it been received?

Very well received in our neighborhood. A lot of customers coming in, a lot of traffic. A lot of excitement. Associates are really happy to be able to finally help customers after the store set-up, so it’s been great. A wonderful community to be a part of.

There’s a lot of buzz around the community about the Staples opening. Why do you suppose that is? What’s different about you guys?

A lot of customers have been going to our Carson City store, so they’re well aware of what we bring to our local markets. We’ve got a terrific reputation countrywide.

But what do you do that’s different? As I understand it, it’s like any office supply store.

The difference is how we treat our customers and our associates. We’re very focused on the customers’ experience, all the way from when they walk up to the front door all the way through their entire shopping experience.

Yeah, but what does that mean?

That means we put our customers first in everything we do. Regardless of what my associates are doing on the floor, they may be tasking, merchandising or whatnot—we drop everything we’re doing when the customer walks in the door to focus on their needs. We help them walk through our store and help them find all the products they’re looking for. It just boils down to being very customer-focused and attentive. We have highly trained associates as well, so they can speak to our customers’ technical questions.

What kind of technical questions? Do you guys specialize—

We do offer full business services in our copy-print center, ranging from business cards to fliers to menus—you name it. We also work with PCs, computers. We do have technical experts on site who can help our customers with technical questions, software installs, virus removals. We also offer in-home and in-business services.

Why now? This economy is kind of sucking. Why would Staples choose to open two stores in Reno at this time?

Staples is committed to growing our business. We plan to open 50 more stores and 10 standalone copy-print shops this year.

That suggests you guys are doing something right. Are you still hiring?

Right now we’re fully staffed.

Where did you come from, Randy?

I’ve been in the Reno area for 23 years now.

And what did you do before?

I was a store director for Circuit City.

What else do you think we should talk about with regard to the Staples opening in Reno?

I would say when the customer walks through our door, we’re all about offering a differentiated customer experience. It’s very evident in our behaviors in the store. And I know the customers and the small businesses are starving for that kind of drop-what-you’re-doing kind of service. And that’s what we bring to the plate.

So do you guys cater to small businesses?

Absolutely. We get a lot of, of course, retail business, but we absolutely are geared toward small business—and large business as well—but we do carry PCs and do a lot of home office business.