License to Wed

Rated 1.0

Robin Williams plays a crazed pastor who puts a young, engaged couple (Mandy Moore and John Krasinski) through a hellish test to see if they should or should not get married. When it comes to comedies, Williams is a two-trick pony. Either he’s screaming his head off during some improvised, unfunny observational thing or talking low (almost mumbling) so as to project that dry-wit mode. Either way, the guy stopped being funny back in ’91 with his performance as an insane man in The Fisher King, which was actually a drama. The comedy here is painfully bad, with Williams looking lost and the appealing Moore wallowing in a role far dumber than she is. Krasinski mugs his way through it to the best of his ability, but nobody here can overcome the material—or the fact that Robin Williams stopped being funny a long, long time ago.