Liberal doublespeak

If you needed further proof of why the blue states don’t get “it,” consider this. The Washington State Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that a teenage girl on a cell phone has an absolute right to privacy while using said phone. This after her mother eavesdropped on a conversation and subsequently helped convict the girl’s purse-snatching boyfriend.

Rebellious, hormonal teens screamed, “Vive le judiciary!” while left-wing loon Al Franken had the gall to pontificate on his radio program. He said the mother should have been prosecuted for “the crime” of eavesdropping on her daughter’s call. Clearly fine examples of liberalism at its finest and most intelligent.

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said that if you weren’t a liberal by the age of 20, you had no heart. He went on to state that if you weren’t a conservative by the age of 40, you had no brain. Of course, the hallmarks of youth are lack of experience, lack of maturity and the tendency to be overly emotional. As far as I comprehend liberalism, I can only speculate that is the reason all things liberal appeal to emotion rather than intellect. Of course, with so many emotional attachments, it is little wonder liberals are perpetually “offended” and conservatives are labeled as “mean-spirited.”

If I required any proof, I need look no further than the volumes of vitriolic hate mail I regularly receive.

My own realization of the media’s liberal bias came early in my youth, when I happened to catch a bottle-blond news-babe mugging for the camera, while she sadly announced that the stock market had “plunged” 30 points. If you know anything about the stock market, you’d know that a 30-plus point swing happens about every 60 seconds—not exactly news. Curiously, the insertion of the word “plunged” turned it into an emotional and instantly newsworthy event.

Since then, I have been appalled and disgusted at how the media elite chooses to manipulate a story depending on the particular outcome they wish to convey or, worse, obfuscate. The liberal bobble heads thence pick up the terminology, and suddenly the liberal perception morphs into “the truth,” as though out of a George Orwell novel.

For example, it used to be that when uninvited foreigners crossed our borders without so much as having applied for a visa or asking a border guard for directions, they were correctly identified as “illegal aliens.” Of course, the continued use of this term would cause ordinary people to actually shun the illegal hordes that moved into our towns and cities and directly onto the lists of the disadvantaged and entitled.

The left-wing media apparently decided a considerably kinder and gentler term should be used, which now appears to have officially morphed into the politically correct and commonly used verbiage, to wit: the “undocumented worker.” Clearly, this term implies something different. The “plight of the undocumented worker” connotes that a person who used to live in say, Mexico, and now lives in Reno simply forgot to complete some paperwork, is gainfully employed, paying taxes and hence, if not yet a full-fledged, bona-fide citizen, should ipso facto be entitled to become one.

In one fell swoop, an entire group of people is moved from illegal lawbreakers to displaced immigrants deserving of respect, sympathy and entitlements. All opponents are quickly dismissed as uncompassionate, racist and xenophobic.

I can only hope media dinosaur Dan Rather prattles off into retirement before, as comedian George Carlin put it, "A rape victim is relegated to that of an unwilling sperm recipient."