Letters for September 26, 2019

Change it up

Around 90 percent of the country supports universal background checks for gun purchases, but Senator McConnell fails to act on this issue because of what he sees as a legitimate excuse: believing what someone else will or won’t do. Or is he afraid to act? Doing what’s needed shouldn’t depend on what others do afterward, which can’t be guaranteed anyway; while this “sitz-krieg” of his is leading us nowhere. Is this what Senator McConnell really wants, the country to go nowhere? Sounds like it’s time for change. To paraphrase Napoleon, let’s have a leader who will do something, anything, rather than one who does nothing. While the senate majority leader continues to believe obstructionism is legislating, his hesitancy is a millstone around the neck of the U.S., driving the crawl of Congress into stagnation. What’s wrong with Congress following the will of the people? Nothing! “Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!”

Michael Seidl


Tickled green

It is thrilling to see our youth tackling climate change. Some of us old farts are encouraged, and after too many decades of complacence, many are ready to pitch in and help.

Seek out those elders who are not in the mainstream. They are the ones who know BAU is BSAU, and many have learned what is not sustainable. When you’re not sure what is right, well, stop doing what is not right.

After too many decades of watching the world being raped, many of us are here and ready to help. God bless you and preserve you. Peace.

Craig Bergland


Shed some light

Re “Daybreak developers dangle big carrot” (News, Sept. 19):

Hey, uh, did I miss the part where the location of Daybreak or Butler Ranch was adequately delineated so I have a clue what and where this story is about? What floodplain? Or is there some secret cult, like, maybe Washoe County officeholders, that are the only ones privy to details that might matter to the man on the street? I feel like I see a lot of writing about these undoubtedly obtuse, corrupt and secretive governmental events that could use more background and detail. Like more of the traditional who/what/why/where/when people expect when they peruse your rag. And please spend more time investigating those officeholders.

Fred Jones


Editor’s note: The Daybreak Development is located between Hidden Valley, Donner Springs and South Meadows near the Veterans Parkway.

Grimm’s an ass

Re “Got back” (Film, Sept. 19):

What an atrocious review. … I’m embarrassed for Mr. Grimm just reading his idiotic words. Seriously, this is what you took away from this movie? Was this review intended to be unironic? Ass is what you took away from this? You have completely missed the message of this movie. Then again, this movie wasn’t created for you, so I’m not surprised. Please, please take your outdated views somewhere else and pass the torch to someone with a better understanding of the world today. This movie shared a powerful viewpoint—one that has been suppressed for generations by elitist white males like you. RN&R, could you please get a woman to review movies? How about a person of color? Bob’s misogynistic, outdated, moronic reviews are not welcome here. I’m appalled you published this piece of trash, and even more appalled that Bob felt he had something to say about this.

Elizabeth Urie


Sick as a dog

I’m so sick of the propagandist hooey about the health benefits of pet ownership, and how we can learn from living in the moment like animals do.

I personally know half a dozen dog owners who committed suicide. Living in the moment? Oh, so planning for the future is a bad idea? If we lived only in the moment like pets, we’d be doing nothing but licking our own assholes and mindlessly pumping out as many litters as possible. (That’s two litters a year, of five or more hungry mouths each.) Dogs and cats can’t give a rat’s behind about anything beyond their teensy tiny, narrow-minded, isolated world.

Don Manning