Letters for September 23, 2004

Smoking tobacco is bad
Re “Do you hookah?” (RN&R, 15 minutes, Aug. 26):

I can’t believe you wasted space in your publication for some guy who had the balls to say that smoking is fun. You should be ashamed for promoting such a horrible addiction. Anyone who has ever been to the oncology floor of a hospital knows first-hand that smoking should never be described as something fun to do with your friends.

Conrad Wong

Funny, but wrong
Re “No more years,” (RN&R, Cover story, Sept. 16):

Just got one of your papers and saw a big error on the front page. Right idea but you have the wrong picture. It should be Scarey Kerry! Was good for a laugh, though.

Ray Bass
via e-mail

RN&R un-American
Re “No more years,” (RN&R, Cover story, Sept. 16):

The Reno News & Review proved once and for all that it is not worthy of being called a product of legitimate journalism. Your cover depicting President Bush as a devil with a snake’s tongue is unprofessional, offensive, and quite frankly un-American, no matter what your political affiliation may be. What is even worse is the slanted, biased, false-fact filled story. I’m sure you will lose advertisers over this, and I am positive you will lose readers!

Mike R.

Out of context
Re “No more years,” (RN&R, Cover story, Sept. 16):

After reading your story on Bush, I found all 10 of your points very interesting because they do not hold water. You have taken all of Bush’s quotes out of context and twisted them to mean what you want. How lame. Next, your sources, the NEA? Planned Parenthood? These are organizations that have been in the pocket of the DNC since their creation. Totally horrible journalism. The Yucca Mountain [section is] even worse. I have a friend who works at the Yucca Mountain site and, guess what, not one nuclear test has been conducted above or below ground since late ‘60s and ‘70s. Why don’t you get your facts correct and list the sources used to get those facts.

Paul A.

Editor’s note: Not to be argumentative, but there was a subcritical nuclear experiment named “Armando” at the Nevada Test Site on May 25. Atmospheric tests were outlawed by treaty in 1963, but there were 41 underground tests in the 1970s and 57 in the ‘80s. There has been an informal test moratorium since 1992, but it is not bound by treaty, and George Bush has repeatedly threatened a resumption.

Your house is new, too
Re “Messing up the Miramonte madness,” (RN&R, View from the fray, Sept. 16):

This piece is the sound of hypocrisy splintering throughout the area from Truckee to Sparks.

Deidre Pike’s daughter has perhaps a better scope on the issue: pity. Prior to buying her existing home, did Pike canvass existing homeowners in her Miramonte neighborhood to find out if they were excited about the development? What about the people and animals her neighborhood disrupted?

Look at the word: Developers. They develop. If Pike wanted to live in a rural environment, why didn’t she buy up 500 acres in the nether reaches of Nevada? I read many articles about the services that Reno and Sparks offer. Reality check here: Money comes from taxes. The very best tax generating renewable income comes from development! Each year the city, state, county, home owners associations collect revenue from the homeowner. This pays for all the “free” services such as schools, police, animal control, fire fighting, road repair and so on.

So as you sit in your traffic jam and bitch about NIMBYism, remember that the folks in Truckee encourage the newcomers to move to the Great Basin!

Judith Dwyer
Truckee, Calif.

Not liberal enough
Re “Et tu, Dawn,” (RN&R, Right hook, Sept. 16):

Considering the fact that Fox News has the market cornered on right wing opinion, do we really need to hear/read any more right wing hot air?

In my opinion, the addition of Michael Lafferty’s column doesn’t add any value to the publication. Reno and Nevada need more voices from the left. If anything, RN&R should create a left wing specific column to create a balance of opinion.

Marc Cavallaro
via e-mail