Letters for September 12, 2002

A great gay boycott?
Re “Protecting Marriage” [RN&R, Aug. 15]:

As a former lecturer in sexology at the New School for Social Research in New York City, I found it quite interesting that Reno has another Anita Bryant by the name of Richard Ziser. I certainly defend Ziser’s attempt to “protect” marriage as he views marriage. But the major problem is that we are in the 21st century, and we are not dealing with my father’s homosexuals—a bunch of queens and fairies. We are dealing with a proactive gay movement that is having success around the world. Germany recently allowed gay marriages.

I am a heterosexual male who has been married twice—to transsexuals who had completed sexual reassignment. So, in actuality, I married two women who both were, at one time, men. If transsexuals can marry, why shouldn’t people who keep their plumbing intact?

Holly Wilson says, “It’s coming.” It is definitely coming. It is a matter of when, not if.

It’s a good thing this legislation is being brought up on the ballot. Lots of high-tech companies interested in possibly relocating to Nevada will vote with their feet. They will not be coming if Nevada clings to the ideas of the past. In the end, the biggest loser will be Nevadans, since without a diversified economy, personal income tax is inevitable.

Let’s get serious, gays and lesbians in Nevada are as capitalistic as they are in the rest of the country. All they want is love through sanctified marriage.

The whole country will be watching Nevada. A defeat for gays and lesbians could mean a national boycott of Nevada tourism. We need that like a hole in the head. Remember what happened to Colorado eons ago?

No wonder prominent people in the Las Vegas casino community are working hard to see a “no” vote on Question 2. The casino industry is the golden goose, and people in Nevada have no idea what a national boycott of Nevada tourism by gays and lesbians would do to the economy.

Richard Green

Them damn lib’rels
Re “Protecting Marriage” [RN&R, Aug. 15]:

Your two articles on the homophiles were most notable for the questions they raised and didn’t answer. First, Bob Fulkerson got big play. Bob is one of those liberals who could go bananas about apartheid in South Africa, but I never heard him or any other liberal demand the same shabby treatment for the glorious Soviet Union. And this is relevant, because it was only after the Soviet Union collapsed that we heard about homophilia (and multi-culturalism and unwed motherhood as a chic alternative lifestyle.)

It seems to me that, as long as their beloved Soviet Union continued to exist, protecting it had to be the liberals’ top priority, but after it collapsed, they became free to attack the foundations of civilization itself.

I also enjoyed the picture of Bob and two of his fellow homophiles with their sign, “Stop hate crimes.” The Washington Times reported that, when homosexual Matthew Shepard was murdered in Wyoming in 1999, there were over 3,000 media reports on it in the next month. The airwaves were rent with shrieks of “hate!” However, when 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhiser was sodomized and murdered in Arkansas in 2000, the Hate Police were conspicuous by their silence. There were 46 media reports on it in the next month. If that wasn’t the most stinking hypocrisy, what do liberals call it?

I also got a kick out of Helen Wilson. “Who do they think they are, anyway?” she indignantly demands. I’ll answer that with another question. Cal Thomas said in his column that the American Psychological Association has denounced curing homosexuality, as is now possible in at least some cases. Apparently, some homophiles are so brazen that, while demanding every right for themselves, they want to deprive other homosexuals of the right to be cured. Who do THEY think they are, anyway?

The scandal in the Catholic Church has had one good result—the homophilic attack on the Boy Scouts has totally collapsed. However, as the Reno Gazette-Journal reported, the Big Brothers have caved in as the Boy Scouts refused to do. Will Fulkerson, Wilson, et al., raise money for the Big Brothers to pay for the lawsuits when history repeats itself? Are they raising money for the Catholic Church?

What really gets me about liberals is that they’re so abominably stupid. Even though they made the 20th century the bloodiest century in recorded history, they never learn. They keep coming up with more recipes for disasters.

William “Wild Bill” Hamma