Letters for October 6, 2011

Please remove differing opinions

Re “Holidays in hell” (Feature story, Sept. 29):

While I applaud Paul Graham for going to the other side of the world to help injured soldiers, I feel that this article was a journalistic nightmare. The first three-quarters of the article read like a poorly written blog. This kind of writing has no business in any kind of newspaper.

The biggest problem with the article, however, is the single sentence, “Kuwait sucks.” As soon as I read that sentence, I knew I had to suffer through the rest of the article so that I could properly write this letter.

Kuwait does not suck. I am sorry that the author had bad experiences there. This was most likely because he was connected with the military. Since our military doesn’t belong in that part of the world, I’m not surprised.

I went to Kuwait as a tourist and found it delightful. Next time Mr. Graham transits Kuwait, I hope he loses his military connections and visits places like the Scientific Center, with its aquarium, IMAX theater and Dhow Harbor. The world’s largest wooden ship, Al-Hashemi-II, is impressive. The Tareq Rajab Museum and the Museum of Islamic Calligraphy are fascinating. And the food is amazing. You can get every kind of food in Kuwait, from Applebee’s and Johnny Rocket’s, to P.F. Changs and wonderful Middle Eastern kebabs and salads.

Kuwait isn’t perfect; it’s still recovering from the ravages of war. There are broken pavements and a sense of loss. The National Museum still has not recovered from looting. But Kuwait doesn’t suck.

Karen Inda

One man’s junk

Although we live in Sacramento now, my wife Crystal has been in Reno for about a year, caring for her mom as she battles Stage 4 liver cancer. She’s been spending the last few months preparing for a yard sale. But in the true spirit of, “everything goes,” she accidentally sold an old wallet that contained all the proceeds from the yard sale as well as her birthday cash from the week before. As you can imagine, she feels stunned and embarrassed. She’s sure the jackass who bought the wallet knew exactly what he was doing and didn’t hesitate to steal from her.

Crystal left her job and has been away from her husband (me) to care for her dying mother. The stress and distraction caused her to make a mistake in selling the wallet. We sure would like to get it back! The guy told someone about it, I’m sure. Maybe he’ll bring the wallet back. Or, we’ll just let it go, and he’ll get his just desserts one day. What comes around goes around. But if the guy were to find out who he stole from, he might not feel so smug about his garage sale luck.

Crystal’s going to be in Reno for the foreseeable future. I’m traveling back and forth every couple of weeks to see the family and help out however I can. She’s going through a very difficult time. We’re all here for her. But most of us really have no idea what to do in a situation such as this—which is normal, right? There’s no manual, so we just have to wing it. Reno is where she needs to be right now, but she feels isolated. It’s the toughest thing we ever do—saying goodbye to a loved one … especially your mom. The angels of St. Mary’s Hospice have been in the picture for the last few weeks, and they’ve been helping out tremendously.

Doug Thomas
Sacramento, Calif.

Please remove Sean

Re “Pandering to the basest of the base” (Right to Your Head, Sept. 29):

Interesting that Sean Cary’s “Pandering to the basest of the base” article was utilized to attack Dr. Ron Paul based on the audience’s reaction to questions posed by Blitzer. He did this without considering the actual response to the debate question. He blows his horn that he’s a Republican, but his column demonstrates not only a lack of integrity, and dishonesty, but knowledge of what an American is. He cleverly used Reagan as camouflage for his purpose.

Cary wrote, “One would think a man who has taken the Hippocratic Oath would be horrified at this and react as such. Alas, Paul was silent.”

Cary’s purpose is clear. His statement is false. His failure to argue merits of Dr. Paul's response to the relevant question speaks for itself.

Elton Harris

Hooray for emergency response

Re “This is something that is burned into our minds” (Apply Liberally, Sept. 29):

We were at the top of the grandstands in Section C with our Over-the-Hill Group, and like many others, we thought that we were going to perish. Very sobering indeed.

What was remarkable was how quiet it was immediately after the incident—then sheer panic/disbelief. I commend the ground and safety crews as well as the emergency response team for their heroic and immediate action to respond and assist those who were injured.

Mike Schaaf
Dublin, Calif.

Yep, long ago

Re “Radio free Reno” (Feature story, Sept. 22):

Ah yes, KRZQ, Modern Rock.

It was a very good thing for some time.

What was the first song played on the Modern Rock format?

“High” by The Cure.

Where else could you hear “Detachable Penis”?

Club 96 at Rodeo Rock/Tex Mex … was it? A great place to go dancing to alternative music. Always lots of women there.

Dead Air Dave playing anything you asked for.

Jane Said (sic?) playing “Black” or “Happiness in Slavery.”

The KRZQ “Q Balls.” There were some good ones.

The most memorable one was when Jesus and Mary Chain was the headliner.

But the Cramps stole the entire show with a manic/blistering set that had everyone going wild!

Yup, good memories from long ago.

Long ago.

Mike Shaver

Please remove bikers

Re “Enough hypocrisy” (Editorial, Sept. 29):

I fail to understand why biker gangs choose to go on shooting sprees at events tailored to them. It’s like going to the family Thanksgiving dinner and pooping in the punch bowl.

If these guys want to shoot and kill rival gangs then just go out in the desert and have at it. I don’t think most folks would care.

It’s sad that these events get a bad rap from a bunch of bad seeds.

P.S. A note to merchants. I will from now on leave your establishment should I see biker gangs hanging around.

Name withheld

Please remove my name

Re “Please remove bikers” (Letters to the Editor, Oct. 6):

I sent you a letter last night about Street Vibrations.

Please be sure that my name is not added due to the fact that those folks can be dangerous.

Name withheld

Hooray for Paul

Re “Holidays in hell” (Feature story, Sept. 29):

God bless Paul Graham for saving life—what an amazing story here. The keystone to the story for me was that Graham shared such a traumatic event with someone—the surgeon—and never even knew his name. I’ve deployed, and he really does capture the essence of “transient life” and the smell! But he left out the tinge of permanent burning tire—at least I think that is what it was.

Dave Carrico