Letters for October 31, 2002

Cow-tipping’s no joke
Re “Destination Reno: Best of 2002” [RN&R, Oct. 10] :

I was enjoying your recent focus on the Best Of Reno 2002 when I came across the very cruel and ignorant “postcard” regarding cow tipping. If it was meant to be a joke, I fail to find any humor in an action that causes an animal pain, trauma and possibly death.

Tom Durante

Death to smoochie
Re “Drug Czar” [RN&R Streetalk, Oct. 17]:

The milquetoast interview of Drug Czar John P. Walters was a complete waste of time. “Hey, what did you think of the movie Traffic?” Dude. Gimmeabreak. Why not “What’s your favorite color?” Or “Hey, Mr. High Ranking Public Official, can I please kiss your ass?” The fact that he granted a four-minute audience in the first place is no reason to print his vapid babble.

Whit Selert

Time to inhale, bud
Re “Drug Czar” [RN&R Streetalk, Oct. 17]:

I fail to see the value in a Drug Czar or anyone who is in a position to enact laws on drug enforcement, who has never had any practical experience in the use or possible abuse of the drug in question. It is similar to someone who has played strip poker being named as head of the Nevada Gaming Commission.

Ken Kersey
via e-mail

John who?
Re “Drug Czar” [RN&R Streetalk, Oct. 17]:

You didn’t ask any tuff questions of Ashcroft! Wimp!

Michael Swanson
via e-mail

On golden pot
Re “Just say ‘no’ to Q-9” [RN&R Letters, Oct. 17]:

As a former resident of Nevada, I’ve been following the Question 9 campaign with great interest.

In a recent letter, Betty Kruk stated: “I am a recovering cancer patient. If I were on my deathbed, in severe pain, I would not want to smoke marijuana to relieve that pain.”

Her reason? “I would not be so selfish as to want something made legal which will cause great harm to young people and others who become addicts.”

I certainly hope her recovery continues. But if it doesn’t, will she really be willing to forego pain medication such as morphine, Oxycontin and other dangerous narcotics? After all, these substances are far more addictive and have caused far more loss of life than marijuana.

The point is that Betty Kruk is within her rights to do without any medication she finds immoral. She should not presume to make that decision for anyone else. She and the other opponents of Question 9 need to learn that great human virtue known as “minding your own business.”

Ray Aldridge
Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.

Not sick of Q-9 yet
Re the RN&R’s thorough Q-9 coverage:

As Nov. 5 approaches and voters in Nevada decide whether or not to support Question 9, no adults will be arrested or prosecuted for procuring the services of a prostitute or enjoy gambling games in any of Nevada’s casinos. That’s because the State of Nevada recognizes the rights of its citizens to make their own decisions and choices concerning those consensual activities. It should be no different for marijuana or anything really that an adult desires to consume into their own body.

David d’Apollonia
Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Quebec

Freeman responds
Re “Assembly Race Gets Dirty” [RN&R Streetalk, Oct. 17]:

I would like to set the record straight. I never made threats at the university. I have always been a supporter of the university and it was my legislation last year that funded enrolling more students and hiring more faculty.Mr. Geddes has every right to run for office, but he needs to be more forthright. He is on record stating that he was not upfront with the university at first about his candidacy. The taxpayers have a right to know exactly what his job entails.

I am surprised with the startling campaign tactics that make my age and my husband’s health an issue. Engaging in personal attacks is unfortunate.

Vivian Freeman
Nevada Assemblywoman