Letters for October 28, 2004

Don’t restrict speech
Re “Moore money, less speech,” (RN&R, News, Oct. 7):

I guess that I am a “naïve and misled” student, as John Madole so eloquently suggested, but I’ve just been assuming that this is a democratic nation based on the idea that we should think for ourselves and make informed political decisions before voting, and the fact that a rich man thinks he can throw money at a problem or threat, and it will disappear shows just how well capitalism works.

Threatening to pull funding from a university that they considered worthy academically, simply because the university is having a guest speaker that the contributors don’t like, is completely infantile.

“I would not feel I was representing my constituents and the students on campus…” Jeff Champagne said of canceling the event under pressure, which he followed with “people do it all the time in federal government and state government, and it’s kind of sad.” The fact that the student vice president for programming can make such an astute assessment of our deplorable democratic situation, while the folks on the hill still don’t get it or won’t say it, sounds like we naïve and misled students might be on to something.

Laura Bixby

OK, this is funny
There is only one difference between liberals and conservatives. It is a difference in how they view the two most fundamental aspects of human behavior, the two oldest occupations of humankind: Sex and Violence, or Love and War. Conservatives fear sex and love war. Liberals fear war and love sex.

For example, conservatives reviled Bill Clinton (a liberal icon) for lying about sex, and deified George W. Bush (a conservative icon) for lying about war. Liberals reviled the media for refusing to air an anti-war advertisement during the Superbowl (although the airtime was paid for), and were amused (rather than outraged) by the accidental exposure of Janet Jackson’s breast on primetime TV. Conservatives fear more reproductive rights for women will lead to more sex, while liberals fear more automatic weapons on the streets will lead to more violence. Conservatives fear granting same-sex-couples the same legal (and financial) rights as opposite-sex-couples will lead to more homosexuality, while liberals fear (parts of) the Patriot Act will lead to more tyranny and violence.

It goes on and on. They love war and fear sex. We love sex and fear war. Love and War. Sex and Violence. Take your pick. It’s your choice. There is a culture war going on in America. And other wars too. As I bury a friend lost in Iraq, and watch my son play, I think about Nov. 2 and shout, “Let love rule, baby. Let love rule!” To vote is to care; to care is to vote Kerry.

Corey Lewis
via e-mail

Liberals are mean people
Re “Liberals are nice people,” (RN&R, View from the fray, Oct. 21):

It has not been true that “liberals are nice people,” as Deidre Pike wrote, for almost 60 years now.

Liberals support opening our borders to anyone who wants to kill us.

Liberals support alliances with countries that have proved themselves cowards when watching our back.

Liberals apologize for all the things Americans have done to make us great.

And worse yet, liberals in charge of public universities go out of their way to ensure young minds are goose-stepping to the party line.

None of these actions sound very nice to me. And by the way, the 250 visible Republicans protesting [at the Michael Moore speech] were backed by approximately 1,500 Republicans at the top of the hill, safely sequestered from view.

Why do you let Pike write her abusive columns? Is your paper also controlled by [UNR president John] Lilley?

Kelly Parker
via e-mail

Finally, a letter about Bob
Re “It’s time to get real,” (RN&R, Guest comment, Oct. 21):

I enjoyed Bob Fulkerson’s editorial on Ralph Nader, but I thought more people would enjoy it if it were translated into English:

“When I was young, naive and progressive, I thought Ralph Nader was really cool. Now that I’ve grown up and become a big ole fat Democratic Party hack, I think Nader is stupid.

“Nader is taking money from Republicans and is corrupt. He’s stupid, too, because we are offering millions more to his employer Public Citizen if Ralph just pulls out. A real independent would take money from both sides.

“Nader voters are morons. They don’t know Nader is a Republican trick. If Nader pulled out, they’d automatically vote for our guy, and not the real moron candidate.

“Everyone who cares about clean salami, pure toothpaste, changing Nevada Day back to Halloween and other progressive things should hate Ralph Nader. Only morons support Nader, and we want you morons behind our guy.”

Thanks, Bob, for explaining that Nader vote to us.

Frank Patten