Letters for October 25, 2018

Corporal punishment

Re “Policy drawn from fact, not fiction” (Left Foot Forward, Oct. 11):

I agree with Sheila Leslie and would add the term “bullying” to the list. I have yet to see evidence of a parent or teacher physically disciplining a child or student who is bigger and stronger than they are. I would warn those teachers and parents who choose to physically discipline a child or student that what goes around, comes around.

Kelly Hardiman


Bergland threat

If y’all don’t vote, I will hunt you down to chastise, belittle, berate, insult and condemn you personally.

No, seriously—! The ultraconservatives now hold all three branches of government. We need a non-GOP Senate and House, or we’re lost. We need a blue-green bigass tsunami to stop this shit in its tracks.

Do it, or I’ll be a door-knockin’. You don’t want that.

Craig Bergland


Question 3

Having read my sample ballot, I’m totally pissed because a lot of inside and outside money has been spent on the message that Question 3 is about deregulating our power industry. And it’s all pure bullshit, and the people spending huge money disseminating that message know it.

Read your sample ballot, which includes arguments for and against Question 3 with rebuttals and rebuttals of rebuttals. The key thing you’ll notice is that the arguments for passage clearly state that the amendment does nothing to define what the free market for energy would look like, but it clearly includes a requirement for regulation of whatever solution our legislators come up with. But the rebuttals keep going back to “deregulation is bad/scary/evil,” etc., which illustrates either an inability to understand basic language or an attempt to subvert honest debate on a critical subject.

If you’re concerned about the ability of our elected officials to get it right, remember that it’s our responsibility as voters to make sure the right people are given the opportunity to get it right. The existing debate on Question 3 is exactly what disgusts me with our current politic, and that’s why I’m voting and convincing as many people I can to vote. This has to change.

Michel Rottman

Virginia City Highlands

The Hoff case

Re “The killing of a cop” (cover story, Oct. 11):

For some reason, I get the feeling that we should feel sorry for the guys that killed Jimmy Hoff. Maybe it was the way the story flowed, all about the poor guys getting terrible representation during the trial and having such a hard life leading up to the murder. MURDER! That was what happened, and they were given a trial and proven guilty.

Having worked with both Jimmy and Andy Boles, I found the guilty verdicts were warranted, and I do believe that Andy Boles felt that way prior to becoming an attorney. There was more to this case that should have been brought out in this story. Why, when contact with Jimmy was lost, did the sergeant in charge allow it to go on? I know that at least one of the officers that was involved was not happy with what went down, but he has since passed away.

And then in the story there is a reference to nunchakus. The reporter says that the nunchakus found in the car were “in reality” merely wooden dowels connected with a chain and wrapped electrical tape. The reporter should have done some research before making such an inane statement, since in reality nunchakus are two round pieces of wood (like dowels) held together with either chain or some type of string/cord with the handles wrapped or unwrapped. (They also are nunchakus not nunchucks.)

So maybe to the reporter and now to Andy, four guys stabbing someone to death to rob them of drug money is just a “juvenile misunderstanding,” but to some of us it is murder, and they damn sure deserve what they got, but for some hasn’t been taken to the end.

Benjamin Africa

Sun Valley