Letters for October 23, 2008

Give him hell, Harold
Re “Congress approves credit card changes” (Upfront, Oct. 2):

I read my first issue today, and was dismayed, but not surprised, to read Dennis Myers’ “news” piece on Dean Heller’s vote on HR 5422. It was not reporting but an opinion piece. It was written with the slant that Heller’s vote was a bad thing, I guess to reflect Myers’ political bent. He could have very easily called Heller’s office and found out why he voted that way and reported that also. That would have been reporting, but I guess that was too much trouble.

I occasionally call our legislators’ offices to get information and the only one that always responds with either a letter or phone call is Dean Heller’s. Once I received a call directly from him. By the way, during the last election I requested information from Jill Derby’s office but never got a response.

I think that the saying that journalism is dead is amply demonstrated here. “Why actually find facts when my opinion is what counts” seems to be the current view of “reporters.”

Harold Parks

Working for hope
Re “Political activists pour into undecided states” (News, Oct. 16):

I am not from the Reno area, but I bet a lot of people there feel the same way as I do and don’t feel like they have any power to do anything. Well, they do. Get out and call, walk, write, VOTE.

I am a 74-year-young female on Social Security and Medicare with a fixed income. I don’t have a car, house, or other real assets. I am using the money I saved for my grandson to go to college. He will have to find his way. And guess what? I can’t afford to stay alive. I don’t know how to deal with the costs of food, gas, electricity and medical insurance part B. (I left out clothes because I still fit in what is 4 years old.)

Things just aren’t easy or comfortable at my age. I worked all my life, raised three decent guys by myself, took care of my aged mom and sister till they died.

No, I am not looking for government handouts. Just a fair shake. And Barack Obama is talking to me. He has foresight and a lock on what needs to be done. He really is making sense and being realistic in what he says: no quick fix; yes, some taxes on the wealthiest few.

With Obama as our president, it’ll be worth me hanging around for four years while he starts to fix things. If he’s elected, maybe my grandson will be able to make it and be able to help take part in the future rebuilding and healing of this great country.

Adrienne Wortman

Re “Obama’s inexperience scares me” (Know You’re Right, Oct. 9):

Every time I read Amanda Williams’ column the same thought goes through my mind: “Oh please, give me a fucking break.”

The most recent column on Barack Obama could have been written about Sarah Palin, or even eight years ago about George Bush. In a previous column “Higher taxes are insulting to true patriots,” she wrote, “Logically, if one makes more than $250,000, he or she already pays more in tax dollars.” Except the logic falls apart when you figure in Social Security payments top out at an income of $97,500. And if the income is from capital gains the income tax rate is lower.

In another column about New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer she calls out the Democratic Party for its lack of morals, while forgetting about Republicans Mark Foley, David Vittner and Larry Craig. Week after week, it’s apparent Ms. Williams is nothing more than another echo of the “Right-Wing Noise Machine.” Is it too much to ask for a right-wing columnist who doesn’t just repeat the noise off KOH?

Steven Gifford

Glamour gulch
Re “Ladies of the Net” (Feature story, Oct. 2):

Great job on “Ladies of the Net"! As a Director of the Barnaba Institute, a non-profit against modern-day slavery and sexual exploitation, I was impressed that the author accurately portrayed the realities of prostitution in a factual manner.

Too many media articles about prostitution are biased or glamorized. Well done!

Alexis Taylor Litos
Clinton, CT

Three fingers back
Re “Obama’s inexperience scares me” (Know You’re Right, Oct. 9):

One could take Amanda Williams essay on the scary inexperience of Barack Obama and substitute Sarah Palin’s name. So why aren’t conservatives questioning this and John McCain’s lack of judgement?

Rick Cooper
via email

Re “Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada” (Feature story, Oct. 2):

In the category Best Sports Announcer, Chris Ciarlo of The Ben and Chris Show was incorrectly associated with the Silver Sox.

In the category Best Casino Bar, the Silver Legacy’s Aura Ultra Lounge was incorrectly referred to as Ultra 16.

In the category Best Massage Therapist, we inadvertantly printed the name of the second place winner; the correct winner of the category was Anastasia Bobadilla.

We’re sorry for any confusion our errors caused.