Letters for October 16, 2008

Native sun
Re “Core debate” (Notes from the neon Babylon, Oct. 2):

It still makes more sense to me to make better use of the original nuclear reactor: the sun.

Karl Larson
Moab, Utah

The shoe drops
Re “'Cause I’m a woman” (Know You’re Right, Sept. 18):

I’m 71 years old, and guess what? I wear Birkenstocks. Do you want to know why? Because my feet hurt from all the hours I spend on them doing volunteer work. Am I a tree-hugging, bra-burning feminist of yesteryear? No, but I have always been civic-minded and involved in community service, both in elected and appointed positions. Along the way, I held a full-time professional job (45 years), married a fine man (48 years), raised and educated three great kids, and had a wonderful family and social life. Sarah Palin is someone I can relate to as a female.

But can I support her as the VP, a heartbeat away from the presidency? Hell, NO! Her views on abortion, sex education in the schools, book censorship, creationism, and her connections to the religious right are the complete antithesis to what I believe in.

I’m extremely happy that women are continuing to break new ground in all areas of American life. But I’ll vote for the people that espouse the values that I hold dear. Gender alone is just a sidebar to me.

I still enjoy reading Williams’ column even though I rarely agree with it.

Mimi Breslow

Palin’s no feminist
Re “'Cause I’m a woman” (Know You’re Right, Sept. 18):

Sarah Palin a feminist? Are you freaking kidding me? No feminist would ever support the denial of a woman’s right to an abortion in the case of rape or incest. No person in his or her right mind should support forcing more physical and mental violations on a woman (or girl, for that matter) who has already suffered such a despicable crime. Shame on Amanda Williams for suggesting that Sarah Palin is anything like a feminist. Shame on Sarah Palin for her betrayal of all womankind.

Annie V. Scanlon

Immature? Liberal?
“Palin sacrificed to McCain’s ego” (Left in the Lurch, Oct. 9):

Wow: How immature, stunted, gutless-wonder-prone is this dude Farley. Although I am a life-long Republican who does not think the McCain-Palin ticket can win this election, to see the liberal media like this maniac discredit Palin is a disgrace to our whole process. What a jerk. The RN&R should be ashamed to allow their employees to publish such crap.

Roy Varner
Oro Valley, Ariz.

Re “Obama’s inexperience scares me” (Know You’re Right, Oct. 9):

Fear, while being a very poor reason to make political decisions, seems to be the main argument here, as well as in most of the Republican arguments against Obama.

George Bush has eight years of experience as president. Does that make him the best man for the job? Perhaps intelligence and vision are valuable also. Perhaps honesty is important, as well. Perhaps someone who thinks for himself and doesn’t rely on “handlers” who have never been elected and whose motives remain in the shadows to feed him opinions and talking points.

Sen. Obama appears to be intelligent, honest, willing to share his thoughts and plans with the American people and ready to assume the duties of this office in a way that George Bush never was and John McCain can only dream of. As the election draws near, McCain has shown his true colors. Fear, lies and saying, “I know how to do that, my friends!” is not a plan for the future. Sarah Palin is not a plan for the future. Have some pizza, relax, and try not to be too afraid of the new guy.

Durel Wiley

Ghosts aren’t real
Re “Supernatural” (Feature story, Oct. 9):

When you read the word “may” you can absolutely be sure that the BS isn’t far.

In this case—the economy is broke down, people travel less and hang on to their hard-earned dollars—ergo what is happening? The ghosts appear immediately. They bring many thousands of visitors to the historic ocean liner, the Queen Mary, in Long Beach, Calif. This story has so many flaws that I don’t even know where to start correcting it. Please stop fooling the public, declaring people too stupid not to see right through this.

One may have impressed the public with such a yarn of idiotic claims, but in times of internet and cellphones, we are close to information with the push of a button. We are in the Information Age—it would just be so wonderful if people would take advantage of it and read, for example, the wonderful Skeptic magazine or eSkeptic (online) which opened my eyes to “psychics” and circus attractions like “ghosts.”

Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedys? Oh please, try to find another old-hat story.

Mark Bellinghaus
Los Angeles, CA