Letters for October 15, 2015

Pope love

Re “Appearances matter” (Editor’s note, Oct. 1):

As a “cultural Catholic” I share your opinions of His Holiness Francis and the way he has been treated, and like yourself, had to take points off for this: www.nytimes.com/2015/09/30/us/county-clerk-kim-davis-who-denied-gay-couples-visited-pope.html?_r=0

And you are correct, would the country tolerate any other religious leader advocating “civil disobedience” by a public official? I agree the response would have been less than clamorous.

Finally, if I may, I have yet to hear a sentence improved with the addition of “I’ll be honest” or, one of my favorites, “To tell you the truth.”

In spoken communications, I have irritated many a friend or acquaintance using such phrasing by interrupting and asking, “Hey, wait a minute! What about all the things you have told me that were not prefaced with that expression? Should all those comments, not appropriately prefaced now be discounted a simply truthy?”

Just sayin’.

Steve Waclo

Carson City

Good place for a bar

Re “Yes, in your backyard” (Editorial, Sept. 17):

Interesting editorial on the marijuana dispensary on Mt. Rose Highway in your Sept. 17 issue, but you ignored a couple of facts.

First, the proposed owner/developer moved it there because the original location was too close to his home in Saddlehorn, and he got threatened. Five hundred people there signed a petition to move it.

Second, the owner/developer’s lobbyist has told the legislature that this is a “nose under tent,” and the intention is to sell recreational marijuana. Do the math; there aren’t enough medical users per permit to even generate enough money to pay the property taxes. So it’s not really medical marijuana establishment, it’s a combination liquor store and vape parlor.

Third, the whole area with the exception of eight properties (largely undeveloped) on the north side of the road is residential, as are all the properties across the street. And the Lodge is surrounded by a National Forest. Is this an OK use for a residential neighborhood?

Finally, that is a very dangerous location with respect to traffic. No signal. No streetlights. Poor view from the driveways. Just today (Sept. 18) there was a major collision right in front, and about a year ago a woman was killed there when someone lost control coming down the hill on the ice. At that time the road was blocked for four hours, meaning that if you lived in Galena you had no way to get home, and if you had a medical emergency there was no way for the first responders to get to you.

I personally hope that whatever business eventually takes over the lodge will fit into the neighborhood, and the county will force safety improvements for access there. Saving just one life would be worth it, don’t you think?

Bob Parker

Galena Forest

Annex Mexico?

Re “Party of Values” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, Sept. 10):

I flipped right to the back page and Bruce’s “Party of Values” column made me laugh out loud. What a command of the language that man has. Reminds me of George Carlin, who must have influenced him. I’m still smiling.

But I just wanted to share a couple of texts from my dear brother, Mitch, who is a treasure, and without whom I would know even less.

Re: Trump: “Trump is the classic fascist. Promising the moon to the underclass, and speaking the language of the ignorant. In strident, us-against-them terms.”

Mitch also (maybe too casually) thinks we should divide Mexico into states and declare martial law against the cartels. Make all of Mexico citizens of the USA. You mean, “Annex Mexico?” I replied curiously. “Yes,” he said, his idea, my term. Kinda has a nice ring to it! Annex Mexico! Annex Mexico! Annex Mexico!

Anyway, thanks to Bruce. Couldn’t agree with him more!

Jon Obester


Cash in, get out

Re “What about when the boom fades?” (Left Foot Forward, Aug. 27):

Sheila Leslie’s column is great, straight, and to the point. I suppose we long-time residents of our beautiful Truckee Meadows should do the same as many of my long time, native Nevada friends did after the last boom—sell out and get out.

The incomers will be most happy to pay way above market values for your homes and property. Just another sad picture for Nevadans.

Dan Archuleta