Letters for November 9, 2017

Bruce’s mail

Re “MAG this” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, Sept. 21):

I don’t expect this to be put in the RN&R because of numerous reasons, but I’ve tried to be clean just in case.

It is simply amazing—I mean the seriously jaw-dropping kind of amazement—all the people who call the president racist, non-American, and all the other names that spew outta their mouths. I say this, of course, in regards to the uncountable, non-American things that we, as a nation, have seen, or may not see, the complete effects of for some time, that that horrid excuse for a man, let alone a former president, did. Things that are not even considered. How about the almost half a trillion, trillion, dollars given to Iran, as we watch them start testing their nuclear capabilities? Oh, but wait, that was OK, huh?

I could go on til my computer runs outta ink (which I know doesn’t have ink—that’s my point). Why would a person have to go any further anyway? Calling him a liar—what about all the piles that were leaving the country if Trump was elected?

That’s different though, huh? And Hillary, what a freaking joke—a very bad joke, at that. Are people like Flapperneck ever so proud as they watch a 3rd grade class kneel during the anthem? Once again, I could go on and on, but why? As the Neon Babble calls us names like Rethuglicans and such, and endless names toward Trump, yet says how childlike he is for doing it, is a perfect example of the tunnel visioned double standard ignorance of the Democraps. He should thank him every once in awhile, because if he took out Trump as his only source of his writings, he would probably be nothing at all. Remember, the majority that put him in office are still out here, and it’s only a matter of time before the ignorance burns itself out and the air exhausted from all the talking head air bags.

Larry Moody


Dennis’s mail

Re “Hitting home” (cover story, Oct. 19):

You, sir, are an ignorant and stupid person, ignorant because you know nothing of the Bill Of Rights, stupid because you chose to put to print your wishful thinking which resulted in lies for your readers to digest.

The Second Amendment requires that firearms be “well-regulated”—an out and out lie. The second amendment calls for a well-regulated militia.

And the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, period. The founders knew that one day, the government would become corrupt and despotic, therefore, they made provisions for the free people to defend themselves from that despotic government if need be. At the writing of the second amendment, the people had the same firearms as did the military. Sure, the technology has progressed, but the wisdom and trust in free people has not changed. However, the mistrust in the news media, that prints it’s own agenda rather than print the truthful news, is at an all time high.

So, it would do you well to keep your ignorance and stupidity to yourself, rather than expose others to your lies. You blast Nevada representatives for doing their job in defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Constitution was written as a mandate for the operation of government. The Bill of Rights was written to protect the individual free person from the ever reaching arm of an all powerful government. If that government can give you everything you want, they are also in a position to take everything you have.

William Barwig


Jessica’s mail

Re “Reel world” (Art of the State, Oct. 19):

Jessica Santina’s smart review hit it right on the head! She always does a nice job with her reviews. The acting in this show is so natural and realistic—these students should be extremely proud of themselves. Perhaps I’m biased, but it’s a shame the name of the director, Prof. Robert Gander, is missing in this review. For those who are familiar with theater, they know this show didn’t happen by itself, and deserved credit should be given to the talented director, as well. Huge kudos to all of those involved in this beautiful show!

Melodie Gander