Letters for November 30, 2006

Frightened by Hook
Re “This election had one bright spot” (Right Hook, Nov. 16):

I often wonder what it is that makes it possible for Mike Lafferty to rationalize his abundant yet mindlessly boring hatred toward Democrats (who outnumbered Republicans at the polls nationwide this year). His column last week, as on various other occasions, suggests that he foresees or even relishes the thought of a bloody civil war in these United States. When he wrote, “At least one thing is abundantly clear: Democrats have two years to get their act together and use their new mandate over Iraq before the 2008 bloodbath—I mean election,” it’s pretty apparent that he thinks it’s cute to toy around with the idea of a bloody civil war over political ideology. I wonder, why is it that the RN&R editorial staff continues to employ this sort of ranting lunacy? Do you think it’s all in good fun to employ a man who frequently doles out vague death threats in print?

Chris Rosamond

Secure our borders
I was elated to see the WorldNetDaily news report that the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) is calling for truckers to boycott and oppose foreign-owned toll roads such as the Indiana Toll Road, which has been leased to a consortium of Spanish and Australian interests, and the Trans-Texas corridor, the four-football-field-wide NAFTA Superhighway parallel to Interstate-35 which Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to begin next year. Todd Spencer, executive vice-president of OOIDA indicates a tremendous concern for increased imported terrorism across our open borders as “worldwide trucks are the weapons of choice of terrorists.”

I certainly agree with OOIDA that foreign-owned toll- roads and the NAFTA Superhighway must be stopped, as they amount to selling America to foreign, mostly hostile, interests. The NAFTA Superhighway will be a superhighway for terrorists to stream into our country from all over the world driving semi-trucks and limousines instead of having to sneak in. We should demand Congress support laws to stop the North American Union and NAFTA Superhighway system now, thereby securing our borders and jobs!

Ed Nemechek
Landers, Calif.

Get a job
Break out the Kleenex! Nevada Supreme Court Justice Nancy Becker needs a job.

Where is it written that if you lose an election, you’re entitled to an opportunity to feed once again at the public trough?

Perhaps Ms. Becker doesn’t get it? In a government of the people, by the people and for the people, the people are no longer interested in a ruling class that ignores their wishes.

Maybe the “judge” should try making it in the private sector so she can experience first hand the hardships placed on taxpayers by the burdens of her anti-citizen stances.

Bruce Feher
Las Vegas

Lots of need for Mizpah
Re “The dispossessed” (Feature story, Nov. 16):

Thank you for your articles about one of the fire survivors and how to help. There is much more to be said in appreciation of those who have helped and are helping. Your article mentioned only the Reno Sparks Gospel Mission and ReStart. ReStart is the lead agency in helping the survivors get settled into another place to live.

The other lead agency is the Northern Nevada chapter of American Red Cross. Red Cross has reached deep into their local disaster funds to provide those displaced with funds to replace clothing and personal articles and necessary household linens. Red Cross also provided shelter until people could be placed into other housing and continues to provide ongoing services.

Many people were helped by Catholic Social Services and St. Vincent’s and Salvation Army. All these agencies deserve recognition and welcome donations.

Washoe County social workers and mental health workers also were quick to respond to help deal with immediate needs.

Let’s thank all who gave and continue to give their services, money and material contributions!

Bob Williams

Combine church and state
Re “Defend the law” (Letters, Nov. 9):

Emily Whistler, like many, has misconstrued what is in the Constitution. There is no separation of church and state. The First Amendment to the Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

This First Amendment was added to prevent Congress from interfering in religion, not the reverse! One of the basic reasons for the existence of this nation was to guarantee “freedom of religion.”

Since this nation was established upon the premise of the existence of a Creator and since we were assuming our “inalienable rights” from that same Creator, we also subjected ourselves to His Law, which is why we prosecute for murder, stealing, et cetera.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I learned that in the fourth grade!

As for “choice,” which ignores the choice of the unborn, as Lincoln said, “Nobody has a right to do something morally wrong.”

Mary Santomauro