Letters for November 24, 2016

Lincoln got 39.8 percent

Re “Government overthrow” (Notes from the Neon Babylon. Nov. 17):

I find Bruce Van Dyke’s arguments to abolish the Electoral College amusing. His claim that Hillary Clinton “won” the popular vote is at best misleading. Sure, she won the most votes as a single candidate. but when you tally Trump’s and the third party candidates votes they are more than Clinton’s. So the majority voted against her. That hardly makes her popular.

He also claims that using the popular vote will make it “more democratic.” Of course, this is pure nonsense. For example, in Los Angeles County, Clinton received almost 1.1 million votes more than Trump. In New York State, she had over 1.5 million votes more. Under Van Dyke’s scenario, it would mean that instead of the whole country having a say, only Los Angeles County and New York State would choose the president. The rest of the country would pretty much cancel each other out.

While the electoral college has its faults, I would trust it over Van Dyke’s knee jerk reaction. Let’s not forget his Democratic Party introduced “superdelegates” (how democratic) to basically steal the primary from Sen. Sanders. And Wikileaks proved the DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign to guarantee her “selection.”

Instead of whining, Clinton supporters should take a long hard look at why a corrupt and borderline criminal candidate was foisted on the American public, whom they rejected wholesale. If you want to adapt the Electoral College, maybe every state should use a percentage system of votes cast to allocate Electoral College voters. However the Electoral College evolves, it should be up to the individual states to decide. You know that little thing called states’ rights. Finally, if Mr. Van Dyke doesn’t like how the election turned out thanks to those awful deplorables, I’m sure he could find a safe space on some college campus to hide out in for the next four years.

Rob Roy Douglas


Weenies may be insulted

Re “Will electors step in?” (Upfront, Nov. 17):

This article provides insight to the complicated process of the Electoral College. Like many parts of our constitution, the founders tried to cover just about every possibility. But more than two centuries later, that sterling document needs some serious tweaking. I grow weary of being a member of the Weenie Party, which, I’m afraid, is what my beloved Democratic Party has allowed itself to become.

Our party needs tough fighters, who will soldier-up for our causes. That’s what the opposition does, and they’re beating us, folks. The Rs do not stand on civility or ceremony. There is no “My country, right or wrong.” There is only, “My party, right or wrong.” And we have allowed them to bully us practically into submission. We elect our Dems to stand for our beliefs, and too many allow themselves to be bullied. This bully-allowing has brought us to the point where a racist is invited to the White House, courtesy of district gerrymandering and an out-of-touch Electoral College.

The popular vote proved America did not support this man over the competition. It proves only that as Dems have sat on their hands and fretted and woed for generations, the Weenie Party has again allowed this to happen. When will we Weenies learn? Will my Weenie Party finally do something about this sham election? Or will we sit back and allow the Bully Party to have their way with the Weenie Party—again?

Kathie Roberts


Epistle to the Renoites

Save your prayers, America. Donald Trump will be president, as is God’s will. God almighty in his omniscience has always known Donald Trump would be POTUS. Donald Trump is the chosen one. Begone with your progressive ways! Abandon the folly of teaching evolution!

Ladies, let men and God above decide what’s best for your bodies! Minorities, you should be seen, not heard! Only in this manner can we be great again!

Johnny Dish