Letters for November 21, 2019


Re “Numbered off” (Letters to the editor, Nov. 14):

I won't do the homework for “Numbered off,” but I can help him get ready for the next test. In 2018, CEOs from just the top eight health care companies took in a total of $143 million all by themselves. I'll leave it to the student to do the math for their staffs and staffs' staff. And don't forget those lobbyists, advertisers, death panels, etc. Hint: There's no need for a “top 8.”

Regarding the quality of government health care—every veteran I've ever talked to that was/is in the VA system talks very highly of the quality of care they receive. The problem has been getting them into the system. Hint: The definition of universal care is that everyone gets it. For non-service-connected issues, veterans would have the same access to non-VA health care as everyone else.

As for Medicare, I'll leave it to the student to interpret calls during previous elections for “the government to keep their hands off my Medicare!” for himself. Despite the silliness of the statement, it sounds like a strong endorsement to me. As for solvency, that math is easy and there are good solutions. We The People need to do our part to make it happen.

As for doctors retiring, we have a system that can replace those aging doctors and any doctor who can't live under such a system. And if we put the right people into office, we can also change the cartel-like restrictions on medical school entries. (I leave it to the student to do that bit of extra-credit research.)

The test is next November.

Michel Rottman

Virginia City Highlands

Old-school ways

Re “The old days” (Letters to the editor, Nov. 7):

I completely agree with Charles Wayne Barnum's letter you printed on Nov. 7, my wedding anniversary. I am a veteran and a retired teacher/counselor/consultant—70 years of age. I echo his sentiments. I voted for Donald Trump and will do so again in 2020. I was a liberal when I was young. Not like today's radical, vengeful haters of tradition. I love this land. I've been across I-80 30 times in my life, often referred to as the “road pilot.”

Today's sad excuse for “news” is so overly biased and hateful toward people like me. I don't hate you or want to hurt you. Why do you hate and want to hurt me? I always read your paper and am amazed at some of what I read. But I swore to always fight to uphold your right to free speech. Thank you.

Joseoh Morreale


Business in Mogul

Warning! Do you drive by or bike through Mogul? Increased traffic and unsafe driving conditions have been approved by the City Planning Commission with the 3-2 vote passage of the Gateway Business Park. This large project on the river side of the freeway in Mogul will increase daily trips on and off the Mogul exits by more than 600 vehicles, including big rig semi-trailers. The added traffic is expected to be greatest in the morning and evening hours, and thus will cause a huge delay for I-80 traffic past Mogul at those times. The I-80 westbound entrance from Mogul is a slow curve with an extremely short merge lane. It will not allow a big rig time to accelerate to the needed speed in time to merge, and thus will disrupt I-80W traffic. The underpass that will be used does not currently meet code. Imagine two semis meeting in the narrow underpass while pedestrians and hikers are walking, kids are riding bikes, and cars are trying to leave Mogul. Add to that the dangerous train crossing on the west side of the freeway, the Tahoe-Pyramid bike trail using Mogul streets, and all the kids walking/riding/living in the area to the mix and it is clear the Gateway Business Park will surely lead to disaster. NDOT should be warning you as I am. This plan is not safe. If you share my concern, please call the your city council member before our December 4 appeal. We who live in Mogul don't have anyone to represent us since we are just beyond the city limits. Thanks for your help.

Kris Engstrom



In last week's Dining Guide, in the story titled “Cheap Eats,” we mistakenly printed that the coffee served by local restaurant The Daily Bagel was free. This is false. Coffee must be purchased for the advertised price at The Daily Bagel, but refills on drip coffee after the initial purchase are free. We sincerely regret the error.