Letters for November 17, 2016

Messages to Brad

Re “For your rights” (editor’s note, Nov. 10):

You write out of Hate, but call out Americans for Hate. You write to incite fear to the masses, but call out Trump as a fear monger. I am really confused with your Op. This is a time to reflect as of why Americans are so fed up with progressive ideals. I am a Christian. I turn to prayer and Jesus. Maybe if more did as I do, then we wouldn’t be in this position as we are in America. The only time people pray is when they want something. The only time people do something is when they gain something for themselves. Think about those two things and get back to me.

Cory White


Re “For your rights” (editor’s note, Nov. 10):

It looks like Democrats won the vote of educated idiots, and Trump won the votes of people with common sense. See how these labels and assumptions work?

Stephen Bloyd

Carson City

Re “For your rights” (editor’s note, Nov. 10):

The surveys and polls were wrong because, I think, people didn’t want to admit they are scared. Trump said that Mexico was sending their drugs and rapists over the border, and Trump said he would build a wall to keep us safe. Clinton didn’t state a plan for border control besides more of the same and kept saying the wall was impractical. Trump said ISIS was coming to attack us, and he had a secret plan to stop ISIS but wouldn’t tell us because it would inform the enemy.

Clinton kept saying Trump shouldn’t label an entire religion radical because it encourages the enemy and didn’t say much about how the Iraqi army, with Obama support, has driven ISIS out of most of Iraq with the exception of Mosul and a few other areas and that Mosul will soon be free of ISIS control. Obama’s plan is working. By the way, in season one of The West Wing, Josh Lyman made a joke about a secret plan to fight inflation, and it was a running gag for the rest of the episode. Trump says he alone can make America great again. Clinton never pressed him about when he believed America was never great. I think TV fan Trump may have gotten a few ideas from the TV show.

Trump kept saying he would eliminate Obamacare on his first day in office. Clinton kept saying she would keep and improve Obamacare. It didn’t help Clinton when the figures for higher 2017 health care premiums came out days before the election.

The polls kept asking if you are better off now than you were eight or even four years ago. They should have asked, “Were you affected by the recession in 2008?” first and followed up with “Are you better off now than at the start of the recession?” Trump insulted just about every group of people in America, and even Trump, Jr. made comments about warming up the ovens. Clinton said Trump was insulting, insensitive, sexist and racist and let it go. Trump made remarks about inappropriate touching and being a peeping Tom looking at underage girls. What? She didn’t want to appear unlady-like with outrage at the debate defending womankind? She should have taken the low road on this issue. Trump kept on with “They are coming to get you, they are coming to get you. Only I can protect you.” Clinton just rolled her eyes, like many of us, and said “Pluezze, give me a break from this guy” and let him go on and on.

Dewey Quong


Re “For your rights” (editor’s note, Nov. 10):

This had me busting my gut. Why is it that the 40s and below are having trouble with the Trump election, yet closed their eyes to Hillary’s faults, of which there were many? You and all the protesters in Portland are so over-dramatic about Hillary losing, it’s almost funny. You’re like the other new voters that had no idea what the facts were because the media was spinning the views for Hillary. The polls were over-weighted from the beginning with Democrats. That is why everyone feels lost. Your own media let you down. You and all the “iPhone babies” were duped by the MSM and their lack of fair reporting and one-sided articles. You are the racist, not us.

Of all the elections, I have had just two presidents that I voted for who won, Reagan and Trump. So I had more losses than your total voting record and I started in the 1960s. I didn’t cry or lose sleep, but was relieved it was over and that I stood by my choice and lost. That is how a democracy works. Every one of you use this social networking to over-dramatize a simple loss. Regroup and work for the next candidate that you’re allowed to vote for.

By the way, I originally supported Bernie, but I no longer support him after selling out his convictions to Hillary.

Patco George


Re “For your rights” (editor’s note, Nov. 10):

One word, dude: Xanax.

William Honjas