Letters for November 15, 2007

Move the rich
Re “Bad news, bears” (Feature story, Oct. 11):

Did you know they are going to start killing bears that have given fat, rich bastards a problem more than three times! I have a solution: Have the people that are being bothered move! Bears were there first! Northern Nevada won’t be happy until they have destroyed every last one of them! I would rather deal with wildlife and wild bears and nature than casinos, traffic, and rich assholes, who are the only ones who can afford homes up by the lake! This country is for sale to the highest bidder! Help the bears, please!

Doreen Bustamante
Carson City

I’ll miss Cory
Re “Columnist bows out” (Upfront, Nov. 8):

I’m saddened to hear of Cory Farley’s departure from the Reno Gazette-Journal. He was like your mother’s favorite brother, dispensing advice about gardening, home repair and driving tips, only, “Don’t talk to him about religion or politics,” she would warn.

Reading those columns my initial reaction was to become angry, then contemplative, then laugh, because his points were easy to diffuse. He officially severed email ties with me a year ago July, telling me that I was now in his ‘spam’ folder. I missed the opportunity for sparing with him. I was glad to see his columns moved to the editorial page, but never wanted him dropped, only that they would add a local conservative to balance him out.

Godspeed, Farley. You are a formidable foe.

Bill Thibault

Lies kill
Re “Bushco sells fear” (Notes from Neon Babylon, Nov. 8):

How many more lies must a person hear before they wake up? How many more lives? Yes, Iran does have terrorists; it seems that when you call someone a terrorist and then bomb them, you have turned the truth around.

Pray for peace on earth.

Dan Williams

More motivation
Re “What’s your motivation?” (Editor’s note, Oct. 25):

I opened Thursday’s News & Review all excited to read about motivation and meeting goals—you know, the advice you asked of your faithful readers?

Instead, I just have one thing to say to everyone: Why you be hatin’ on him?

Seriously. We are nation of overweight, sedentary people. We aren’t helping the problem by telling people who try to be healthier that they’re doomed from the start.

So, to you, here is a list of things that have worked for me over the years. Please to enjoy:

1. Join a group like Team in Training and train for a marathon, sprint triathlon or century ride while raising money for lymphoma/leukemia. Or raise money for MS. Or Relay for Life … or? The possibilities are endless.

2. Realize that, even though you may not see that scale budge, BIG changes are occurring in your body. See the NOVA special on marathoning—these novice runners were measured for their VO2 Max levels when they began training, and the results were dismal. When they were nearing the end of their training, they all tested “superior.”

3. Be sure to take measurements monthly. Your clothes may be looser, too. Less winded when you workout? That’s progress, too.

4. Give yourself some time and patience to get back into shape.

5. When you get really discouraged, tell yourself you’ll focus just on that day, just on that healthy meal, just on that workout, just on that moment.

And to all the haters, in the words of Cliff Poncier from the movie Singles: “This negativity just makes me stronger, we will not retreat, this band is unstoppable! Tomorrow, we rock Portland!”

Please continue to keep us posted.

Roseann Keegan

City unresponsive
My family and I have a small business on the east side of South Virginia Street. We opened our business as new owners eight months ago, and you can imagine my shock when my business was hampered, disrupted, impeded—or should I say shut down—when my parking was blocked, and the street to my business was blocked, so that a group of people that may or may not be in this country legally could protest. Where are my rights as a business owner? We pay thousands of dollars to the city of Reno and the state of Nevada in taxes, fees and special use permits to run our business. Times are very hard for everyone right now, so the difference between one or two customers being able to get to my business is the difference of whether we make our daily expenses.

I have made phone calls to the city of Reno voicing my concerns, and do you know how many of my calls have been returned? None! That’s right none. I should just board up my business and file for bankruptcy so that the city can look at one more empty business on South Virginia. For the record, we had a Hispanic janitorial service working for us but because of poor business, I am now cleaning my own business.

Cecelia Soper


Re “Ghost town lullabies” (Musicbeat, Oct. 11):

In the story “Ghost town lullabies,” we incorrectly noted that Neil Greene’s website’s URL is Neilgreene.com. This is incorrect. The correct website is www.neilgreene.net. The error has been corrected on our website, www.newsreview.com.