Letters for November 10, 2016


Re “Western hospitality” (letters, Oct. 27):

This is in response to Gemini Devi’s letter regarding, in part, homeowner associations (HOAs).

First, welcome to your newly adopted state.

Second, I respectfully suggest that had you requested, or known to request, and read a copy of your HOA bylaws (your realtor could have provided you a copy), you may have understood any and all boundaries imposed by the HOA. It is my understanding that few, if any, HOAs allow anyone to “leave cart parts and engines laying around everywhere.”

Last, an HOA works (volunteers) to keep the residential community presentable to all.

I regret the discrimination Gemini Devi receives, but I believe that is a separate, albeit sad and unfortunate, issue likely not HOA-related.

Connie Smith


Or the candidates weaker

Re “Take it home” (endorsements, Nov. 3):

I am an independent who has generally enjoyed your publication and was looking forward to checking out your political endorsements and then the endorsement issue came out.

How sad. You could have just said “Vote Democrat” as every single endorsement you made, where a political affiliation is listed, was Democrat. Guess the “Media Liberal Bias” is stronger than I had realized.

Glen Hudman

Sun Valley

Editor’s note: In fact, there were plenty of Democrats we did not endorse, and we endorsed only in selected races. These were hardly indications of “liberal bias” since so many Nevada Democratic candidates are not particularly liberal. In addition, we opposed some ballot measures in violation of the prevailing liberal narrative. As for our failure to endorse Republicans, we can only work with the candidates Republican voters nominate. We have often endorsed Republicans in the past.

Black letters matter

I’d like to stress something to those readers who have never spent more than passing time in the south of America.

Down there is the country’s highest concentration of folks for whom black lives do not matter. Now that “the north” has made it illegal and downright uncomfortable for the South to do their own lynching, most of these folks are quite happy, or at least acquiescent, to have our officers in blue thin out the herd on their behalf. No muss, no fuss, no rope burns.

God’ll sort ’em out. Trust me, no tears have been shed over the killing of Eric, or Freddy or stupid little 12-year-olds with BB guns.

Until the asshole cop-murderer in Dallas assassinated our men in blue (and really, “blue lives matter”? What the fuck is a “blue life”?), the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement had focus and empathy nationwide.

After the Dallas tragedy, the world’s richest junkie on the radio, Rush Somebody pronounced the BLM people “terrorists.” And off goes Amurica. Now we’re supposed to hate those that hate the killing of unarmed citizens?

My point is that there are many millions of abject racists in this country. I doubt they are in a basket, but they are definitely closeted.

By sheer force of numbers, we need to out the bigots into the public opinion stockades and make racism as taboo as cannibalism.

Find a bigot, slap a bigot—unless they are armed, then laugh at them for being the absurd assholes they are.

Lazlo Sheen