Letters for November 10, 2005

Don’t insult women
Re “Women’s studies” (Art of the State, Oct. 27):

It is with great interest that I write this response to your journalist Brad Bynum’s review of the “1 in 8” exhibit at the Never Ender Gallery.

There is never a time, in my opinion, that femininity is either predictable or weakened by repetition. It is a shame that any aspect of “art,” especially that which is used for the purpose of aiding the well-being of women, can be so loosely categorized.

Perhaps women should apologize for being subservient to any cause, especially one [like breast cancer] that rips the life from our bodies and our families of which we are cornerstones.

I would like to point out to Bynum that art is subjective in the first place, and please excuse us for submitting too much of the same when it came to a women’s show where proceeds were going to a specific cause.

When artwork becomes a “cause” and therefore becomes too easily “contrived or clichéd,” then we as human beings have again fallen into the trap of turning away from all that is pure and important and made up a bed of impotent reasons not to do anything.

I am quite sure that any person, having lived through breast cancer, wouldn’t think of an art show put on by some of this town’s best young people as a cliché.

As “contrived” as it may be, we are simply doing what we can to help each other. I hardly think that someone who writes about the “Best tater tot ever” is an authority on women and their artwork.

Stephanie Avery Sears

No respect for the dead
Re “What’s the worst thing you ever did in a graveyard?” (Streetalk, Oct. 27):

There is nothing funny about people desecrating graveyards. In fact, it is now a felony to do so. To read of how people think it’s comical to urinate, get drunk and play games on the graves of children, teens, parents and grandchildren isn’t funny at all.

The question “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done in a graveyard” is simply a disgrace to human decency, intelligence and community values.

Joseph A. Galata

You should have included a member of our band
Re “Reno’s women of rock” (Cover story, Nov. 3):

Just read your article “Reno’s Women of Rock.” You left out the best one of all—that would be our lead singer and friend to all “Red Dawn.” If you would please take the time to come see and hear The Chuck Ruff Group, you won’t be disappointed.

Chuck Ruff

Don’t say bad things about public officials
Re “Nice while it lasted” (Editorial, Nov. 3):

What is it about abusing public figures that is so appealing to journalists?

It’s hypocritical to attack Washoe County District Attorney Richard Gammick merely for comparing our justice system to that of New York or California.

While it is false deduction to generalize about a group based on the actions of a few members, it is false induction to generalize about an individual’s character based on a single observation or remark.

If a traffic engineer stated, “This is not New York City or L.A. where you get traffic gridlock all day,” might you interpret that observation as an abuse of millions of people? I can imagine a taxi driver writhing in pain, knowing that somewhere a mean-spirited, abusive Nevadan is comparing New York and Reno traffic.

I am glad Reno is not yet like New York City or California, where public figures get unfairly trashed just to print and sell concert tickets. Oh darn, I just abused 50 million people by comparing their trashy newspapers to ours. And of course, this must infer that I have instigated the bashing of concert goers and Hindus and left-handed, blue-eyed, agnostic Sagittariuses.

Oh, when will it stop?

Ed Park

The real obscenity is the rich and poor divide
Re “You might be a liberal” (Right Hook, Oct. 20):

“The top 50 percent of taxpayers pay 94 percent of all income taxes.”

Well, what unjust institution could cause all the earnings of the other 50 percent of the nation to account for just a measly 6 percent of all income taxes? Could it be the Republican Congress, the one that refuses to raise minimum wage, even up to the poverty level? Duh!

The Right Hook column is the proverbial turd in the RN&R punchbowl. Give us a break here, please.

Jim Romaggi
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