Letters for May 7, 2015

What would Jesus do?

Re “Faculty, students and staff” (Editorial, April 2):

Guns on campus. What would Jefferson do? Or Madison? There’s no need to argue or guess—both men banned guns at the University of Virginia—Jefferson as founding rector (president) and Madison as his successor. Given that Thomas Jefferson was something of a tyranny buff, and that James Madison more or less wrote the Second Amendment, their position was pretty solid. In fact, it wasn’t even controversial. The reason for the founders’ campus gun prohibition was no different from our own. They wanted to create a safe atmosphere conducive to academic life. Guns smuggled onto the Virginia campus proved to be a distraction and a hazard. One professor was shot by armed pranksters and later died. Where there are guns, people get shot, and it’s no different today.

There should be a learning moment with this issue in our own time. College campuses, with strict gun control and very few guns, are among the safest places in America. In fact, there are twice as many homicides just in Michele Fiore’s home city of Las Vegas as there are on all 4,700 higher ed campuses combined. We should be exporting the campus gun control model to our states, not importing guns to campus. I think the founders had no idea that the Second Amendment would end up being twisted into a pretext for vigilantism. If AB148 ends up on Gov. Sandoval’s desk, he ought to side with those two U.Va. presidents, and keep guns out of our schools.

C.G. Green


The viciously ignorant

I am astonished at the uncompromising ignorance some people exhibit while speaking (or writing) on a topic they know absolutely nothing about. The subject matter of concern to me here is marijuana, and more specifically, the plant itself. The hemp plant has been around for millennia, and has provided humans with benefits still being discovered to this very day.

The discovery of the New World was powered by hemp sails and rigging. With modern technology, we are learning we can use the hemp plant in many ways to take advantage of this natural gift of the earth. Hemp seed, as an example, is nature’s perfect food product, containing proteins and essential fatty acids. Only recently have we talked about the medicinal benefits contained in marijuana. Some state legislators have passed laws legalizing medical marijuana, including our very own state of Nevada. Others have begun the process of legalizing the plant for recreational use.

Why aren’t we using hemp today to save our environment? Deforestation is slowly killing our planet! Have you considered how much paper we consume in any given day? Constitutionalists should know that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written on hemp paper. Why aren’t we doing that today? The answer, of course is simple—greed! Big money interests want to keep this plant illegal for all the obvious reasons. And so, you see, I could go on and on about benefits to humanity, not to mention the buds can give you a buzz. But seriously, we’ve known about this for decades and we haven’t really done anything about it until recently, as in sporadic legalization. And that’s not good enough.

We need to educate ourselves about marijuana and hemp so we may eradicate the ignorance about this plant. I try not to sound mean about this, but some of these self-proclaimed drug warriors need to understand the harm this idiocy (the drug war) has caused our great nation. We need people to stand up against this every chance they get. It’s the only way we have a chance to stand up to the big money interests—our voices.

J.R. Reynolds


Certified Nevada organic

Re “Battle grown” (Green, April 9):

Thank you for covering this issue, as it is hugely important for our community and local economy.

Austin Koontz


Long memory

Re “Alive and well in Lockwood” (News, July 10, 2003):

This statement is incorrect: “It was [Charlie] Cheramie who called the first meeting of park residents back in 1999. The cooperative was his idea. And he nominated Edna to be president.” It was Cheramie, Brent Tyler and Bret Tyler who called the first meeting to present their idea to the residents. A second meeting was scheduled so the residents could think about their proposal for a week. At the second meeting it was voted to form a co-op. A call for nominations was then placed and Edna Cudworth was nominated.

Faith StClair


Think before you vote

The current legislators were voted in to represent the hard-working Nevada majority, but instead, they are spending their time destroying anything that resembles democracy! Their attacks on the middle class include bills related to voter suppression, collective bargaining, prevailing wage, health benefits, women’s rights (ERA), and all rational gun regulations. They truly have redefined Nevada as “The Wild West.” I hope that the next election will reclaim Nevada for “We The People.” I urge all voters to be cautious about who you put into office and to select people who are responsible citizens and who represent the issues that protect the concerns and the rights of average middle class citizens.

Gale Audia


Not a literal reading

Re “Thou shalt not pack” (Letters to the editor, April 16):

I respect people’s right to their religious views. However, using your religious scripture to justify a ban on guns or guns on campus is a bit spurious. Rabbi Blair states, “Normalizing murder does not make for a safer or more compassionate society. Moses taught us that thousands of years ago…”

The Bible is such a great place to find peaceful and compassionate ideology. Let’s start with Moses. In Exodus 2:12 he sees an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, so he kills the Egyptian and hides his body in the desert. Exodus 11:5: Now, in order to free the Hebrew slaves from Egypt, he conspires with God to murder the first born of everyone in Egypt even those born to slaves. Moses isn’t like, Lord, this is a bit much, how about give them all chicken pox or AIDS? Nah, we’ll just kill them all. Numbers 31:18: Once free of Egypt, he doesn’t lead the Hebrews to an empty land where they can raise their children and live in peace. No, he goes on a genocidal rampage through Israel. Supposedly, the Lord tells him to kill every male, even the little kids, and every woman who’s not a virgin. What about the virgins? Well, you can take them as booty prize. Moses isn’t like, Say what, Lord? This is just not right. At least we can spare the women and children. Whether it’s supporting disproportionate unjustified violence, discrimination against women, or hatred of gays, the Bible is not the best reference guide. So don’t use the Bible to justify your dislike of guns. They didn’t have guns back in the days of Moses, but I’m pretty sure if the Midianites had guns, Moses would have used guns as well to wipe them off the face of the Earth in addition to the other tribes of Israel. In fact, the Egyptians would have banned all Hebrews from owning weapons to enslave them, and that my friend, is why governments like to ban guns.

Ed Park



Re “Love and skate” (Arts & Culture, April 30):

We incorrectly reported that Classic Skateshop owner Eric Lantto was born in Gardnerville. He’s actually from Florida. We regret the error and apologize for any confusion.