Letters for May 3, 2018

Public message

Imagine our shock and outrage when we learned that we have a sexual exploiter in our midst, hiding in plain sight and getting away with it! An investigation of Virginia City Sheriff Gerald Antinoro concluded that the Sheriff violated the county’s sexual harassment policy. Yet, he remains in office with no penalties for his actions.

The recent release of Sheriff Antinoro’s deposition taken as part of a sexual harassment lawsuit, describes behavior abhorrent for any individual, let alone the chief law enforcement official of a county. Indeed, the Sheriff apparently admits to this vile behavior in his own deposition. It also brings to light several instances of inappropriate sexual situations and even a prior rape charge that could not be pursued because the statute of limitations had expired.

Why is this man still in office? A recent recall effort in Storey County failed by some 200 votes. Sheriff Antinoro stated in his deposition, “My understanding of the legal aspects of it all is the county has no legal recourse. … They can’t censure me as an official censure of the government. The law doesn’t allow for it. They can’t fire me because they didn’t hire me.”

The Nevada Women’s Lobby is committed to bringing legislation forward in the 2019 legislature to enact a remedy for this type of situation. Women everywhere are heartened by the #MeToo movement and the recent progress women are making in exposing sexual assault and harassment that has been imbedded in our society for far too long. We cannot tolerate a man so morally corrupt to be in a position of authority.

Sheriff Antinoro has brought shame to Storey County and the State of Nevada. He should resign immediately.

Pam Roberts-Nevada Women’s Lobby
Jan Browne-League of Women Voters Nevada
Doris Dowden-Nevada Coalition for Women’s Equity
Bonnie Barber-AAUW
Erika Washington-Make It Work Nevada
Caroline Mello-NARAL–Pro-Choice Nevada
Patricia Y. Gallimore-Reno-Sparks NAACP
Janice Flanigan-Women of Washoe
Bob Fulkerson-PLAN Action

Wars and rumors of wars

What do insecure presidents do? They go to war, and I am inclined to think Trump will get us into a war soon. He and the Republicans care nothing about the cost or results of such an action. Look at the consequences of the Bush wars, nearly 7,000 young American men and women gone, tens of thousands permanently injured, trillions added to the debt, and we are still there. Huge profits for defense contractors. But Republicans get outraged by Democrats trying—very poorly—to provide health care to Americans or send kids to school who are not hungry.

So, we have lots of choices to attack: North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Syria (oops, we did that), and I am sure there are others on the list. Remember we have huge oceans on the east and west, allies to the north and south. (Yup, Mexico is an ally.) Why are we so afraid?

It is in conservatives’ DNA; cut taxes and regulations, then go to war. So let’s send young people off to war and put the bill on these youngsters. Like the Bush bunch did.

Don McKechnie


Grim cartoon

Re “Apoca Clips” (comics, April 26):

Extremely tacky to make light of the Waffle House shootings.

The phrase “and funny?” was inexcusable, regardless of context, as was the flippant observation, “It’s like they got shot inside an old-timey idiom.”

Grimm’s cartoon bombed big time. Consider this letter the written equivalent of throwing rotten tomatoes.

Don Manning