Letters for May 25, 2017

Surly pollster

How many political poll telephone calls do you receive? As a departure from usual practice, I answered the phone and agreed to participate. I was assured that the poll was unbiased. However, the multiple choice answers to questions allowed only a far right, far left or “I don’t know” response. I refused to continue, and the pollster would not deviate from his script when I explained.

The media jumps on poll results, which are broadcast over and over. Evidence has shown that the more something is repeated, the more it is believed. Peoples’ opinions are swayed by poll results. Even a random sample does not give a random result, because occupations, work times, culture, age and habits influence who answers a home phone. Poll results are a derivative rather than an expression of peoples’ beliefs. How much do opinion poll results influence elections and legislative decisions?

Denise Drazy-Shedd


Surly regulators

Re “Solar flare” (news, May 18):

Three hundred days of sunshine. What a valuable asset. Makes so much sense. I have solar from the ’70s. Need to put new. Can’t, thanks to Gov. Sandoval and our Public Utilities Commission. That makes no sense.

Pat Campbell Cozzi


Surly reply

Re “Green and passing” (letters, May 18):

There is much angst on Reno’s highways due to the inability of some drivers to navigate the basic driving skills it takes to drive a car sensibly on our roads with other drivers. Case in point—tailgating. I interviewed Chuck Allen about highway safety swhen he was NHP Trooper Allen. He told me then, “The most dangerous thing happening on the highway is tailgating.” That was a while ago when traffic congestion was lighter than now.

Why would anyone want to, “lead a parade of tailgaters honking at me and beaming bright lights into my cabin”? This leads other drivers to take unnecessary chances and puts others at risk. The disturbing part of this is the inability of this driver to safely make a lane change to allow faster vehicles to pass. So they’re going 90 mph. So what? Once the left lane is clear you may signal a lane change and continue your 70 mph pace. Apparently this driver does not know how to use mirrors to make a safe lane change.

Leave it up to the troopers to ticket the speeders, but more important, you may save yourself the embarrassment of getting pulled over for causing an unnecessary backup and the potential for a serious accident, all because you don’t mind being a “roadhog.” Learn to drive, sir, with others in mind. We all share the highway.

JR Reynolds


Surly letter

Re “Go directly to jail” (Notes from a Neon Babylon, May 18):

I very much appreciate when Bruce Van Dyke puts his obligatory shot at the president near the top of his column, thus providing notice of another temper tantrum, so I can discontinue reading. Thank you very much.

Richard Copp

Washoe Valley

Surly president

We elected a self absorbed man to become our president. It is no wonder that we have now become a self absorbed nation. We have become perpetually consumed by self created crises by the executive branch of government.

Some blame for our current status can be attributed to the media who began sensationalizing demagoguery in 2015 for good ratings. The media, however, has for the most part been honorable since election day.

The blame now must be squarely put on elected Republican officials. If they are unwilling or unable to fulfill their roles as a check and balance against the executive branch, and uphold their sworn oaths to protect our constitution, then they should either resign or be voted out of office. The current path we are on is unsustainable. When will Republicans put their loyalty to the country before loyalty to party?

David Flynt