Letters for May 23, 2019

Taxing districts

Re “The city shouldn’t fund private cops” (editorial, May 16):

Good editorial. there is soooo much more to be highly concerned about on the Downtown Reno Partnership Business Improvement District. For example, we taxpayers city wide also fund real cops for the downtown area—unequal treatment. The BID is a 5-1c6 nonprofit, not a 501c3 charitable and it has no members! Yes, taxation without representation. And the BID funds part of these cops, so who are they beholden to?

Jeff Church


One man’s tariffs

Trade tariffs on China? Wait a minute. What happened to your mantra of keeping the government out of the “free market?

I’m sorry, but you can’t have it both ways. Even that weasel Alan Greenspan admitted he was wrong. Wrong about what? That the economy will have to have a government intervention every, say, 75 years? Are you kidding me?! I am sorry but you’re not going to have it both ways. Any more. These modern Robber Barons have been laughing their guts out. Greenspan will go down as the worst Fed chairman ever for lowering rates so much that he was basically giving money away while heating up an already primed economy at a time when we should have been thinking about cooling the planet down, and now, with interest rates at ridiculously low levels, they have nowhere to go.

How much more of this hypocritical, male bovine excrement can we stand? You cannot serve both God and Mammon, so stop posturing about being a Christian and all. You worship the golden calf called the almighty dollar, not God. And almost all the network reporters remind me of the Stepford Wives—unbelievably clueless or unconsciously—or consciously—complicit in this deception. I’ve got to call it tabloid. All of them. Government will always be a player in the market.

Jon Obester



Re “Whisky lover” (15Minutes, May 16):

There is no law banning whiskey manufacturers from spelling whiskey without the ’e’. America has mostly adopted the Irish spelling with the “e” while the rest of world omits the “e” using the Scottish spelling, nothing more, nothing less. Some Kentucky distillers use the Scottish version, but who says “bourbon whisky” like a dork, anyway, instead of just “bourbon.” like you wonder if there’s bourbon tequila? Should know this if you’re marketing a whiskey lounge.

Ed Park

via email

Editor’s note: As Hiram Runnels said in an 1855 comment usually attributed to Mark Twain, “A man must be a damned fool who can’t spell a word more than one way.”

Conception theory

Life begins at the point of conception. No one can deny that after a human being is conceived it will develop into the very same being as those debating this issue. What astounds me is that those who favor abortion went through an identical development stage as the being they are condemning to death. Would these very same people agree that a similar choice should have been made about their own existence? How many human lives have been lost that could have added to our society in so many ways?

Abortion is used primarily as a birth control of convenience because people are too self-centered to take precautions. They prefer their own pleasurable self-indulgence over the care and sanctity of the life they created. What ever happened to taking responsibility for one’s actions? Is it too much to ask a woman who has conceived to place the child into adoption? Nine months of discomfort is nothing compared to life in prison for voluntary manslaughter! And what about consenting to sex with a male? Is that part of the equation, too? Or has abortion just become another extension of the women’s liberation movement started in the late ’60s?

Does the father of the child have a say in this? And what about the constitution of the United States? Are not all people conceived in this country deserving of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Abortion is a crime against humanity and should be outlawed. For a country that murders it’s children cannot be far from self destruction.

Joe Bialek