Letters for May 22, 2003

Go back to Nebraska
Re “Spring fever” [RN&R, Editor’s note, May 15]:

Gee, D. Brian Burghart, the only reason we have water use restrictions here in the Truckee Meadows is because people keep moving here, even from the Midwest, like ants to a picnic basket. So if you don’t like the way I water my lawn or street, then go back to where you came from. Water like you want and maybe annihilate yourself.

James Kadokan

Go ahead, fix my sprinklers
Re “Spring fever” [RN&R, Editor’s note, May 15]:

I would be very happy if you want to adjust my sprinklers, if they are messing up. Have at it! Hell, I am usually not around to know when they’re screwing up, or I’d fix ’em.

Plus, anyone who would be upset with your helping out must have some other pretty bad psycho problems and is too quick to be overly hostile and possessive.

So you’re welcome to come jogging by.


Keep talking about the arts
Re “Art Attack” [RN&R, Letters, May 1]:

So this “Artown” of ours blossoms, and we have the Reno Renaissance or whatever. So what? What does that mean? This rosebud is something that fell on us, or people made it happen, or my moon was in Uranus, whatever. The question is what do we do with our new-found role, however it got here.

We roll with it, right? It may bring many interesting things to this town—having strong art to stir opinions. If we can ride this wave, (i.e. stir shit up) we might be able to enjoy it for quite awhile, and eventually everyone will see how something as abstract as art can influence real life in our little town.

Keep writing about it; keep talking about it.

Chad Sorg
via e-mail

Double-standard in RN&R’s reporting
Re “Tao of Steve” [RN&R, Cover, May 15]:

I’m not sure [former Reno City Councilwoman] Sherrie Doyle was the finest lady in town, but your paper was all over her for her campaign finance irregularities, including taking too much money from one person. Yet, you went all misty-eyed over [Nevada] Attorney General candidate [2002 election] John Hunt, even though he also took too much money from one guy, Sen. Harry Reid—too much money by a factor of 10 compared to Doyle.

Personally, I would argue that Steve Foht has broken as many laws as Sherry Doyle, yet you present him as the new Buddha. Maybe I just miss the irony, like you all did with John Hunt and Sherrie Doyle.

Selling alcohol without a license—this is a crime, too, just like using campaign funds to pay your cable TV bill. These are even more serious crimes than watering your lawn on the wrong day, so where’s your indignation? You can’t say you didn’t know. After all, you gave Fot’s an award for best unlicensed bar in Reno.

Frank Patten

Use it or lose it
Re “Register to vote. Now.” [RN&R, Editorial, May 15]:

Thanks for the editorial about getting out and registering to vote. You’ve done a terrific public service. Whether people realize it or not, there’s a war going on inside this country, and it’s been going on for over 20 years. With Supreme (Court) George [W. Bush] already declaring himself a candidate, we’re in for a year-and-a-half-long, well-financed (maybe with Iraqi oil revenues, huh?) campaign steamroller. Anybody with views other than this man and his machine should be voting in the next election. If people won’t stand up for what they truly feel is right or wrong about this country, the alternative is to be force fed another 20 years of this outrage!

I’d like to share a quote by James B. Weaver [a presidential candidate for the Populist Party in 1892] that I discovered in an excellent recent book titled Wealth and Democracy by Kevin Phillips. In an eerie parallel to what’s been happening in recent history, Weaver stated in 1892:

“A bold and aggressive plutocracy has usurped the government and is using it as a policeman to enforce its insolent decrees. It has filled the Senate with its adherents, it controls the popular branch of the legislature… and it has not hesitated to tamper with our Court of last resort.”

Does that sound familiar or what? Apparently, back in 1892 politicians actually addressed real issues as opposed to the current class who are so worried about offending their corporate sponsors [that] they either address non-issues or, worse, expand upon the injustices of the past 20-plus years rather than correcting them. For your country’s sake, for your community’s sake, for your neighbors’ sake, for your own sake, (for God’s sake!), get out and vote!

Name withheld
Via e-mail