Letters for May 2, 2013


Erik Holland


And did you see Little Big Man?

Re “Check out time” (Art of the State, April 25):

In Mark Dunagan’s review of The Hot L Baltimore presented by the Department of Theatre and Dance he states, “Beyond high school theater, though, a young man probably shouldn’t be playing an old man.”

While we welcome informed critique of the work we present—that comment reveals an unfortunate misunderstanding of our mission. We offer theatre training to students—many aged 18-25. Providing students with an opportunity to stretch their abilities in multiple directions is why we exist.

As a 25 year old graduate student attending the Yale School of Drama, Meryl Streep played an eighty-year-old wheelchair-bound character. So far it has not hampered her career nor tarnished Yale’s reputation for actor training.

Rob Gander

Chair, Department of Theatre and Dance

University of Nevada, Reno

Much obliged

Re “Keep calm and marry on” (Feature story, April 25):

Best cover image ever. I’m neither gay nor a cannabis user, but loudly, proudly and unequivocally support all who are.

Darlynne Vrechek


Editor’s note: Yep, gotta love our designers Hayley and Priscilla.

A wing and a prayer

Re “Friendly skies” (Foodfinds, March 21):

After reading the review of the Spitfire Pub and Grill, my wife and I were anxious to check it out. We were not disappointed. As soon as we walked through the door we were greeted by a pleasant voice from behind the bar. Stevie, our server, was on the scene with menus and a friendly smile within seconds. I ordered the shepherd’s pie and my wife had the fish and chips. Both were perfectly prepared, well seasoned and served piping hot. I also had a bottle of Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout and my wife had a pint of Bass Ale. The food was great and the service was prompt and friendly. Our check came to $38 and change. Co-owner Brian came over to our table after we had finished our meal, and we chatted for several minutes. There is no possible way that lunch/dinner for two, with two glasses of wine totaled $60 [as one of your letter-writers wrote]. We have been back to the Spitfire twice since our first visit. Same great food, same awesome service and same reasonable prices. I have, and will continue to, recommend the Spitfire to my family, friends and co-workers. And by the way, the airplane wing is about 15 feet long and hangs directly above the front door.

Gregory Scott Crawford

Washoe City

Mixed messages

Re “Be Americans” (Editorial, April 19):

I suppose that an editorial is often stream of consciousness—an inside look at the working thoughts of the editor. I appreciate that. But I’m still concerned with the mixed message of your recent editorial titled: “Be Americans” given the subject and its current nature. I had hoped from the title that your article would press for courage and calm but your first paragraph reinforces the fear that is used to push through the very draconian laws you warn against at the end of your article. “We are under siege from within and without” is both a massive exaggeration of our current state of national security and exactly the kind of reaction that terrorists hope to accomplish.

We were attacked—yes. We are not under anything even close to a siege. You rightly chastise other news agencies for jumping too quickly with “rumors” and “inaccurate reports.” I’m often left with the uncomfortable impression that news channels are less thorough and less accurate than the front page of Reddit. But rather than caution against trying to produce news too quickly, you want the FBI and the police to announce play by play of what they’re doing. Did you want a name of a suspect in the home search or a confirmation that this was a suspect? I ask because you mention the Atlanta Olympic bombing so it would appear you’re familiar with the damage done to Richard Jewell by the kinds of early announcements you’re clamoring for. I think I understand the statement that you’re making. If saying that America isn’t safe but we should remain strong and brave then I’d agree with you. But your media consumption pushes for the kinds of knee-jerk hunger for information that makes you neither safer nor better informed. In fact, the desire to hear the president use the word terrorism; the need for up-to-the-minute confirmations of Boston police actions; and definitive announcements of current intelligence from the FBI isn’t only unlikely, it’s probably poor judgment.

I believe the president was trying to avoid panicking the rest of the country and that doesn’t seem unreasonable. He didn’t sit there and not react. He didn’t pretend there wasn’t an explosion. When Americans hear “terrorist attack,” they can sometimes jump to the conclusion that we’re really “under siege.” Those panicky leaps in logic come from somewhere. Panic, not a more informed 24-hour cable news, is what leads to the erosion of liberties and privacy.

Felix Polanski


Those darned critics, being all critical

Re “Check out time” (Art of the State, April 25):

Did we see the same show? I thought it was very good. They say if you go looking for fault, you usually find it.

Mary Lannom