Letters for May 18, 2017

Bye-bye, Donald.

Reasons to impeach:

A. Obstruction of Justice

B. Treason

C. Incompetence

D. Insanity

E. Face is too orange

F. All of the above

Projected impeachment date: Sept. 17, ’17

Come on, everybody! Get involved! Join in! It’s fun for the whole family!

Mark Murray



Re “Protection for sex workers” (Let Freedom Ring, April 27):

Brendan T., in his perpetual obsession with street prostitutes, now pretends he’s actually interested in “protecting” them. Now, riddle me this, Batman: the vast, vast majority of sex workers in America would prefer to be doing something other than having sex with skanky old men for cash but can’t make a living wage in other occupations.

Meanwhile, Brendan, ever the self appointed “champion” of libertarian ideals, has repeatedly argued in your paper against increases in minimum wage laws—laws which, if enacted, would make it possible for many thousands of current sex workers to leave “The Profession.” The putrescent smell of cognitive dissonance mixed with a heavy dose of misogyny is both overpowering and disgusting. Hypocrite much?

Chris Rosamond


Green and passing

Re “Legislators eye making passing lanes mandatory” (news, April 6):

I am one of the “roadhogs” you mentioned in your article about the passing lane. I feel the article is unfair. Most of my commute from the North Valleys is two-lane. In the right lane are truckers, RVs, jalopies, senior citizens, cellphone “multitaskers” and people driving slowly for other reasons, such as being high, illucid, etc. This lane goes about 50 mph. In the left lane is me, going about 70 mph, leading a parade of tailgaters honking at me and beaming bright lights into my cabin. What you are asking me to do is go 50 so others can break the law, and you are saying that their commute takes priority over mine and must be presumed to be an emergency because they are driving faster.

You are also asking me to risk my life by moving over since the person behind me will likely pass me on the right at the earliest chance. We “roadhogs” do not hog the left lane because we take it upon ourselves to force everyone to comply with the speed limit. We just want to get where we are going without getting a ticket, or being late because we were staring at the back of a school bus to accommodate your supposed emergency that requires you to drive 90 miles an hour.

By the way, didn’t you promise to bring back the Green column at some point? I notice you have a whole new section to promote dispensaries but still can’t find the paper for the only portion of your paper that used to be entirely devoted to science. Where are your priorities?

Gary Gould


Editor’s note: In August, we said “we’ve had to drop our weekly Green column—at least temporarily.” That made it clear that the decision on whether to halt the column was temporary or permanent was not yet made. It still is not. In the meantime, our green coverage has been incorporated into the news section and some cover stories.

Suppose someone in that “parade of tailgaters” honking at you really is an emergency—a parent or a spouse rushing a child or a partner to a hospital, say? Keeping the left lane clear except to pass protects them, and keeps it clear for you to pass in.

Hardball letter

The legislature is back in session, and it is hilarious. Some of them are like Houdini, writhing free of the restraints of duty to address only softball issues. One man stands out, however. Tick Segerblom—I never met a tax I didn’t like—is the epitome of an honest politician. Not many politicians call themselves after a blood-sucking parasite.

Stephen Bloyd

Carson City