Letters for May 18, 2006

Subverting Nevada law?
Re “What then” (Cover story, April 13):

I feel I must clear up some misconceptions presented in the Dennis Myers article about abortion. Mr. Myers gave the impression that if Roe v. Wade was overturned, Nevada would not be affected due to the state’s abortion law having been enacted by the referendum process. In fact, the article for the most part deals with this misconception. But what Mr. Myers fails to point out is that the South Dakota anti-abortion law is designed to subvert Nevada’s referendum as well.

The main issues that law is designed to place as questions before the court are questions which the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade did not address.

As part of that decision, in 410 US.113 at 159, it said, “We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins.”

And further, 410 US.113 at 156-157, “If personhood is established then the fetus’ right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the 14th Amendment.”

So, the South Dakota law is designed to address those very issues not addressed in Roe v. Wade. The South Dakota law raises the issue that “the life of a human being begins when the ovum is fertilized by male sperm.”

The significance is that even a law enacted by the referendum process that would abridge that right would thus be unconstitutional. It would not be necessary for there to be any referendum to overturn a law declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Stan Vaughan
Pro-Life Democrat for Assembly 7

North Las Vegas

Punish the pols
Re “Immigration racism” (Editorial, April 13):

In my opinion, all members of Congress must be voted out of office in the next election. I am appalled by the embarrassing performances by the elected representative bodies of this country. They are in office to defend our rights, while in reality they are merely playing political games and jeopardizing our nation’s security. We should have reached the breaking point for tolerating this level of treason by now. We should refuse to allow the elitist class of wealthy and arrogant country clubbers to control our nation’s future any longer. We should condemn their privileged, taxpayer-sponsored entitlements and scorn their defiance against our wishes to protect this nation from invading enemies. We should expose the elitists for the minority that they are. They have proven where their true loyalties are gathered: Their God is the almighty dollar!

In regard to what matters most to our country—our rights and freedoms—they have betrayed our trust by allowing the illegal aliens to invade our homeland, drain our resources, compromise our economic livelihoods and undermine our children’s futures. Elected officials have violated our constitutional rights, destroyed our culture and turned their backs on their constituents while unchecked masses of illegal aliens are crossing our borders daily.

Anarchist groups are allowed to assemble in our backyards while our elected officials do nothing to eliminate this threat. Do you really think that we have no impact on determining the fate of our nation’s security? Think again. While the minority elite sit in their plush offices doing nothing of value for this country’s national security, our security, freedoms and rights are being eroded at an alarming rate. Our rightfully entitled American children are continuously educationally sacrificed by ACLU-sanctioned public education controls while the elected elite do nothing. Our American children are being “dumbed-down” and are being groomed to become good little taxpayers and future dependent victims who will be easier to control when the elitists’ descendants take office. Vote them all out, and take our country back before there is no country to fight for.

Anthony R. Di Quarto

Re “And now for something completely different” (Editor’s note, May 4):

In the editor’s note relating to the graphic article about Walter “Eddie” Floyd, it was written, “Some of the addresses listed on the indictment appeared inaccurate or nonexistent (like 4065 Boca Way, #106), but the U.S. Attorney’s Office refused to comment on the matter.”

The RN&R sent an e-mail questioning three addresses—1755 Highway 40, space 68; 4065 Boca Way, #106; and 1819 H Street, Reno—to the U.S. Attorney’s Office on April 21.

On May 9, Natalie Collins of U.S. Attorney’s Office responded: “The H Street address is in Sparks and not Reno. The Highway 40 address is accurate. It’s actually in Verdi but utilizes a Reno address. The Boca Way address is supposed to be 4465 Boca Way, #106 (Donner Springs Mobile Home Park).”