Letters for May 17, 2018

Delayed reaction

Re “Confessions of an eBay opium addict” (cover story, May 17, 2005):

I’ve been addicted to pods for five years now, and I only use 20 per day, so the pods mentioned in this article must have been very weak or very small. I use giant ones and I feel they are more safe and even better for my pain. … And the effects from poppies are longer-lasting and more gentle to the body (feels more safe) than chemicals derived from the same plant.

I also think there is a reason all those other opiates are in there, too, and that they work together and that’s the secret behind the great pain-killing abilities this wonderful plant has. I agree with others, this is fiction and propaganda—poppies are natural, man, chemicals are not! Only reason they make oxy and fentanyl and buprenorfin and metadon and all other shit is because they can make money from it. If it was not for this, the poppy plant would still be used much more all over the world. Just my opinion.

Tobias Knutsson

Malmo, Sweden

Critic’s critic

Re “Hot action” (cover story, May 3):

I just picked up an RN&R, for the first time, and was excited to read it whilst I consumed my bagel sandwich at Einstein’s. I stumbled upon the movie reviews and was excited. I friggin’ love movies.

Your valid criticism soon turned to the stereotypical caustic reviews that I have grown to hate from “movie critics” who are out to score negs with snarky, condescending, sophomoric remarks that are void of substance, lacking of valuable content

Granted, the Ghostbusters remake was shit, but it was a reach to bring it into the “critique” of McCarthy in Life of the Party. It’s as if you’re going out of your way to say something negative while you imagine your social media bros back slapping you and chuckling at your wittier-than-thou red marks. I let that one go, though. No biggie.

Deadpool 2—I let this one go too, since, yeah, a jokie shtick can get you only so far in a movie, much less a sequel. I still can’t wait to see the movie since I lived the first one.

Solo—nothing of substance here. Literally. Nothing. One of the biggest franchises, one of the biggest sci-fi heroes ever and you checked out. You had absolutely nothing valuable or worthy or thought provoking to say, aside from the May 4 comment, which was valid.

Where you lost me, prompting me to whip out my phone and email you, was on the Mr. Rogers documentary. With your words, you dared to step on a beloved American icon, a totem of goodness, the closest anyone can get to being a genuine nice guy. … Regardless of political affiliation, regardless of who we were, all of us, all of us, especially myself, could have done better in life if we merely asked, “What Would Mr. Rogers Do?” when stuck in difficult or challenging situations.

He is virtually worshipped on Reddit, where Redditers are often mentioning how the praise and reminiscent stories of Fred literally bring tears to their eyes, including my own. And … you choose to push your troll agenda of shitting on everything in your line of sight just so you can score those precious neg points you seem to value.

His show gave you “the willies?” You were “put off by his sanguine tones?” Those puppets “freaked you out?” Fuck you, Bob. Fuck you. Hard and continuously.

You reminded me why I, and the entire city of Portland, hated the movie critic in the Willamette Week paper way back when. It’s as if you guys have absolutely nothing to contribute, are void of any capacity to review movies on their substance, so you resort to cheap gags, sophomoric digs and idiotic opinions. Because that’s all you bros know. You bring no value to the table.

This is the first and last time I pick up RN&R. Would Mr. Rogers send this email? No. No, he wouldn’t.

May I suggest considering upping your capacity for worthy content creation that attempts to inspire, educate or pique a reader’s thoughts about seeing movies? Because right now, you’re not worthy of my time.

I’m sticking to Reddit.

Please don’t bother responding, Bob. The last thing I want to read is something akin to “I’m sorry you feel that way…”

I apologize for going off on you. You just tapped a precious nerve, one that’s not too distant from nerves concerning puppies, kittens and penguins.

Ronando Long

by email