Letters for May 11, 2017

GOP climate remedy

Republicans are now taking the responsibility to promote a climate change solution based on economic analysis and the principles of free markets. George Schultz, James Baker and Henry Paulson, Jr. are part of the Climate Leadership Council, which is proposing a gradually increasing tax on carbon dioxide emissions at the point where fossil fuels enter the economy—the mine, the well or the port.

Proceeds from this carbon tax would be returned to U.S. citizens, and the Social Security Administration would administer the program. These tax-free carbon dividends would increase the disposable income of most Americans. Adjustments for carbon content on both imports and exports would help protect American businesses, while elimination of some regulations could help reduce the size of government. The Council states that this strategy would reduce carbon emissions and move our country towards more economic growth. Like other carbon proposals, this conservative plan is revenue neutral.

Patricia Gehr


Lost in the mails

Re “Members only” (Music, Aug. 20, 2015):

Yes, Reno area bands rock! And this one is no exception. Awesome job, guys. Never give up!

H. Starla Garcia


Bring out your dead

Health care is bad for the economy. It prevents job growth. With no health care or elderly care, people start dying.

Because there are not enough facilities to handle the millions of dead bodies, the government starts a “death-house” program where all over the nation new facilities are built to deal with them. We will need new types of vehicles for removal of the dead from the streets. Because there are so many dead and dying, we will need new jobs for people handing them. Now, with all the dead and dying all around us, disease will become rampant, which increases the need for new facilities. With all the disease, we will need new vaccines to protect the living. Delivery of new vaccines will require new facilities for dispensing. In order to deal with the dead bodies, there will be new cemeteries. New cemeteries means new lawn-care equipment. New equipment mean new factories to supply the demand. New factories means new housing. New housing means new neighborhoods. New neighborhoods, new families. New families means a bigger population. Bigger population means more death. It is self-sustaining.

Louis Warfield


Soul check

House Republicans have absolutely lost their souls. If only there was something redeeming behind the bill they just forced through, but there’s not—the only reason for any of this is to score a win for the party. They’re praying to their gods that the house will bail them out somehow and I’m doing likewise.

But make no mistake, this is an absolute abdication of responsibility on the part of House Republicans and it’s disgusting.

Michel Rottman

Virginia City Highlands


Re “In summer, no one can hear you scream” (Feature, May 4):

John Wayne appeared in at least 77 movies. But 1971’s The Beguiled was not—as our article suggested—one of them. The 1971 movie actually featured Clint Eastwood. Also, please note: this mistake was not made by our movie guy, Bob Grimm, who emailed to tell us, “If you are going to add trivia that’s very cool. … Just get your pig-headed movie stars straight.”